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We all know her. She stares at us not only from the pages of Proverbs but also in seemingly every book written for women of faith. She is often offered up as a standard or benchmark, lauded as the ideal. Sometimes she is presented as an example of the unattainable. Sometimes she is someone we laugh about wanting to hate and yet can’t because deep down we all want to be her. She is like that perfect wife and mom you meet at the PTA who seems to have it all together and has a knack for making everyone else feel inadequate. We love her and despise her all at once! She is the Proverbs 31 woman…the “Virtuous Woman”.

But is the ideal she represents really unattainable? Is it possible in this day and age when many times women have careers that take them outside the home? Well, I think you may be surprised by how much SHE is like US! She was one smart and tough chick!! And more like you than you know!!

I created this site to help women of ALL walks of life and from ALL types of families see that they CAN (and in many cases already do) achieve the standard set in Proverbs. Each page will offer you insight into her and help and guidance in each area!!


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  1. I think this will be wonderful for a lot of women!

  2. Beautiful ????

  3. Yes it's attainable.Very well said

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