Blindfolded & Broken - Where Are You Leading Me?

Blindfolded & Broken - Where Are You Leading Me? Do you trust in God's character and His love for you?
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Do you feel broken?

Picture it…

My husband comes to me on a Saturday morning and tells me to get ready, we are going out.  Before we head out the door he places a blindfold on me and tells me he is taking me someplace but won’t tell me where.  He tells me he will lead me out every step of the way but I won’t be able to see where we are going.

What do you think my reaction would be?  Do you think I would be frightened?  Do you think I would have visions of him leading me off to the woods somewhere to finish me off??  NO!  That thought would not even cross my mind!  I would not be filled with fear or even concern.  I would be excited!!  I would be filled with anticipation.  Why?

Because I know my husband loves me.  I know his character.  I know who he is and I know how much he cares for me.

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It would NEVER cross my mind even for a second that it was going to be anything but a wonderful, amazing surprise that awaits me.

And yet in life, when things sometimes go a little awry (or a LOT awry)  it is like I am going down this road with God and I am blindfolded.  I don’t know where I am going, I don’t know the way He is taking me to get there and I don’t know what the destination is.  BUT I should, like with my husband, rely on His character, His great love for me, what His Word says about His great and awesome love for me and His desire for me to have all that He has planned for me.  I should be traveling down that road He has me on with great anticipation, even when it gets a little bumpy or seems to be taking a route that feels odd to me…maybe even a little scary…I should be trusting His character and leaning not on my own understanding.

Because of His character, because of His grace, because of His mercy, because of His provision and because of His great love for me…a love that caused Him to give His only Son for me….I have to assume it is something awesome and amazing!

But yet….I feel afraid.  I feel doubt.  I feel worry.  I feel anxiety.  Let’s be honest…I lack faith.  I let the road itself dictate how I feel about the destination.

Blindfolded & Broken - Where Are You Leading Me? Do you trust in God's character and His love for you?

You see…if my husband took me on this great adventure I wouldn’t let the bumps in the road, the potholes, the twists and turns detract from the awesomeness of the destination.  But we do that with God.

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God has a plan for me.  And He has one for you too!

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I have been a little absent from my blog for a while because I have had a lot of twists and turns in my road and I admit…I have focused on them.  I took time away to work on focusing on the destination rather than the path there.  I took time to focus on the character and grace and love and mercy of the “driver” rather than on the bumpiness of the road.  And I had to really examine why it was that I seemed to have more faith and trust in man than I did in God (again…I wouldn’t have questioned my husband’s motives).

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I got mad…I own that.  I felt as if I had been spending my life devoted to Him and teaching His Word and encouraging people and all I got for it was one major problem after another.  Was it an attack?  I thought at first.  But now I am seeing that sometimes it takes a real shaking up to let go of some things that may seem good at the time, but that “good” may have kept me complacent and kept me from moving forward.  Sometimes God has to yank something away from you in order to give you something better.

I have been on this broken road for several months now…and I am still on it.  But my focus has shifted from the road to the driver.

Are you in the middle of a road trip where you are blindfolded and God is at the wheel?  Trust in Him.  Trust in His love for you.  Trust the character of a God who loved you enough to die for you.  If He would do that much for you then why do we question his motives along the roads we are on in life.  Lean on him.

Study His Word.  Memorize verses that speak of His character, His grace, His love.  Repeat them to yourself when you experience that bump in the road.  You are on an awesome journey, even when those potholes and bumps make it feel like it is treacherous.  The destination is where we need to focus…not on the ride.

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Worth Beyond Rubies

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  1. Loved reading your post and your honesty in your words. We fail God all of the time in our inability to trust Him. When we trust and walk with Him in faith we get to see everything amazing under that blindfold. Thank you and welcome back!

    • Thank you so much Desiree!! I am glad you and enjoyed it and I am happy to be back!!

  2. Such a good analogy, thank you! I keep asking God to show me, and I know we don't always get to see very far ahead, yet I want guidance.... But what a really need is greater faith. To trust Him in this, and everything. I want Him to be the driver.... I need to stop questioning where we are going, and how we are getting there. Thank you! I pray that you and myself grow our faith, and enjoy the journey in His care.

    • Thank you Debra...its sometimes so hard to let go because it goes against our very human nature. But I imagine that is why we find ourselves in those ground! He is refining us. I know that is the case with me!