Cast Out Your Net: Facing Fear

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This blog, this whole site in fact, was a brainchild of mine for over a year.  It was on a drive home on Thanksgiving of 2015 that my husband and I discussed my idea.  He helped me expand upon it and very quickly on that drive it grew from a simple blog to an entire site.  Its been sitting on a computer for nearly as long.  I had fear.

I was about to take something I had put a lot of thought and prayer into and put it out there for the world to see.  Would I get laughed at?  Would I get criticized?  Would people not even want it?  Would my friends think I lost my mind?  Would people see me as a ‘crackpot religious fanatic’ because they didn’t understand?  All of these questions and fears came over me and caused inaction.  Then more came every time I would think about hitting that ‘Publish’ button. What if I do this and no one even reads it?  What if it is for nothing…what if I do all this work and nothing happens?

I spoke to a couple of trusted friends who told me ‘just do it’.  And it reminded me of someone.

Peter was a fisherman.  He was also a big mouthed pain in the butt, like I am at times, so I guess I have an easy time relating to him.  He had spent an entire night fishing and caught nothing.  He caught nothing!  This was his job.  He did this for a living.  He was an expert at it and he spent the night out in that boat and caught nothing.  Then Jesus shows up.  He tells them to put their boats out further out ‘into the deep’ and to cast their nets in again and get ready for a catch.  Peter complains a bit and basically says “Really?  We fished ALL night and caught nothing!  But then he stops and says ‘Nevertheless, at Your word I will let down the net” (Luke 5:5, paraphrase mine)
Then Luke 5:6 tells us he let the net down and pulled in so many fish he didn’t even have enough room in the boat!  Their net started breaking and they had to bring in another boat and filled both boats and they started sinking from the weight of all this fish!

Peter complained a bit as the prospect of putting in the work for nothing.  I did the same.  I reasoned that I had no followers, no audience.   But Jesus told him to go out into the deep.  He was telling him to trust Him and go out further..out of his comfort zone.  Out of what felt safe.  Out of the shallow water that afforded him an easy way back.  And while Peter complained and made his point that he had fear of trying, he did it anyway.  And he was rewarded with a haul so big he didn’t even have room enough for everything he was blessed with.  And I did the same.  I followed my big mouthed brother Peter’s example!

I took the site live…even before it was fully finished.  I faced my fear.  I launched out into the deep…and I have faith that over time I too will be blessed; with helping those women who are fearful, who have anxiety, who feel like they don’t have what it takes, who want to be able to succeed at a life of faith while being a wife and mom.  It will come with time, and faith.

What fear are you facing that seems too daunting?  Cast out your net!  Have faith and go out into the deep and get ready for your haul.  I’d like to help you!  WE would like to help you!  Email me at  or comment below with what fear you are facing so we can pray for you!

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