Changing Frequencies - What Gets Into Your Spirit Affects You

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Lately I have found social media to be less than enjoyable.  I used to really love going on Facebook and seeing what my friends were up to.  I loved seeing pictures of their kids, their dogs, reading about their new jobs, their engagements and marriages, and so on.  However, lately I just end up logging off feeling frustrated and annoyed.

These days social media is loaded down with politics and debates, fueled in large part by fake news, or news that is old being shared as though it just happened.  I turn on the TV and tune in to the news to see what is going on in the world and it is more of the same; endless politics, debates between commentators, protests, etc. For a long time I found myself annoyed and agitated, and this feeling really hit a peak after the election.  I was being short with people and raising my voice more at home.  I was just feeling miserable and didn’t know why, because I had not yet made the association between my attitude and social media and the news.  I just knew one thing; I didn’t feel like myself.

What we spend our time watching or reading gets into our spirit. We become affected by what we get around, whether it is people or the tv or the internet.  It can allow you to become angry and jaded and that breeds more of the same.  We may say we want to “be informed” but, in reality, what are we being “informed” by?  Many times it is just someone else’s opinions that begin shaping our own.  We find that we are no longer dealing in facts.  It steals our peace by creating anger and resentment and, finally, division.  We find the opinions we allow to affect us so deeply are many times those of people who don’t even share the same beliefs or values.  We let the “world” in to our minds and it breeds there.

The Bible calls us to be IN the world, but not OF it.  I have learned to turn off social media for the most part.  I have learned to unfollow or scroll past things I don’t feel line up with what I believe.  And you know what?  That’s ok!!

It is ok to only choose that which lines up with your values and your faith!  It is fine to CHOOSE what you allow into your spirit! You don’t need permission to avoid being sucked in by the endless opinions out there!  It is not narrow-minded to expose yourself to that which makes you happy while avoiding that which makes you feel angry or uncomfortable.  I don’t consider someone narrow-minded if they listen to Jazz instead of Country.  So, why should we be considered narrow-minded if we choose certain shows over others, or different conversations over others?

I feel much more at peace since I have learned to treat my spirit like I do the TV;  I tune in to what gives me peace and happiness and I tune out that which steals the same.


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