Earning an Income




Earning an Income

Proverbs 31: 16 ~ “She considers a field and buys it; from her profits she plants a vineyard.”

Our friend here was no weak and idle woman!  Verse 16 tells us that she considered a field and bought it.  So we know she is not given to impulses.  She carefully considers her investments and how she spends money. She may have looked at many different properties and thought it to be the best investment.  She no doubt discussed it with her husband.  He IS the head of the household from a leadership perspective and she would consult him and get his opinion.  He clearly trusted her.  If he didn’t it would not be her with the funds to make the purchase.  So he had faith in her ability to make wise investments.  And clearly that is exactly what she did because I am sure it was not the first or only property she purchased.  She then goes on to plant a vineyard from her profits.  That tells us that the property she bought earned her money even before she planted a vineyard on it.  This was one smart cookie and a very wise business woman!

Proverbs 31:24 ~ “She makes linen garments and sells them and supplies sashes for the merchants.”

Verse 24 tells us that she had a job.  Aside from being an investor and a mom and overseeing the running of a household, she ran a business.  She made garments and then sold them in town.  But even more than that, she ‘supplied’ merchandise for merchants.  So she wasn’t just selling what she made for profit, she added another enterprise as well; she was a supplier!   This was an entrepreneurial woman!  She found ways to earn an income and  she did all this while running a household and taking care of her family!  No wonder we are in awe of her!

There are many ways a Proverbs 31 woman can earn money while being home to care for her family and we will discuss them here!  We will also provide some information on finance management and how to decrease debt and make your money work for YOU!



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