Home Based Direct Sales Businesses


Home Based Direct Sales Businesses (In progress – Update coming soon)

There are many, many choices out there if you want to go into a Direct Sales or Network Marketing Business.  However, that does not mean they are all GOOD choices.  If you are going to go into business for yourself, this is definitely a low-cost, low-risk effort that can pay great rewards.  But you have to choose wisely.  I have been involved in Network Marketing/Direct Sales for over 20 years and I can tell you that there are some great companies out there.  The “trick” (and there really is no trick to it…it is work!) is to find one that has the following attributes:

  • First and foremost, they should have a product that you fall in love with!!  You cannot sell a product effectively if you do not believe in it!  People are not stupid…they will know if you don’t even believe in your own product!!
  • The product has to be consumable!  You will never make money selling a product people buy once and never buy again.  That is a one trick pony and your success will be short lived.
  • Is it a ground floor opportunity?  There are many well respected companies out there that have just oversaturated the market and quite honestly, while you may make money, it will take some extra effort because many people may already be buying the product from someone else!
  • Is it a product offered exclusively through direct sales?  You do not want to join a company that is also selling their product through other means or you are in direct competition with the company itself!
  • No territories!  You want to be able to work wherever you are!
  • Is it global?  You want a company that will allow you to expand into other markets!
  • Is it mobile?  Is it something you can build online?  Can you work from your phone?
  • Is it reputable?  Does the company have a good reputation or is it tarnished (and don’t listen to reviews of disgruntled former distributors who are mad because they found out they actually had to work to make money)?  Is the company debt free?  Check out the brass and see if they are good leaders!
  • Do they pay their distributors well?  This is a biggie!!  The success of the company should trickle down to the sales force!!  If a company doesn’t pay well, distributors will eventually go somewhere that does!
  • Do they guarantee their products?

Now that is only some of the criteria I recommend!  You may have your own and that is great!  So…now that we have this information it comes down to what do you want to do?  I mean, there are many different types of products offered through direct sales.  You need to just find one you love.  But I will offer you some suggestions and even some contacts that I know to be reputable and will help answer your questions specifically about their company.


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