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Our Proverbs 31 woman had a LOT going on as we have seen!  Verse 27 says she “watches over the affairs of her household”.  We have already seen that she not only takes care of her home and her family, but also those who work for her.  She cooks, cleans, buys real estate, runs a business….this girl was organized!  She had to be or else her life would fall apart!

We as modern Proverbs 31 women…or those who strive to be…also have a lot going on in our lives!  Many of us work, go to school, raise children, take care of the home, run kids to sporting events and ballet practices and somehow still manage to do laundry, cook dinner and make sure everyone and everything functions the way it should.  But many of us do this by the seat of our pants and sadly, many things are left undone.  Maybe you have mail all over your table.  Maybe you have clothes that need to be put away but you can never find time.  Maybe you spend more time looking for things around the house than you do anything else!  Well…there are solutions!  You are already Wonder Woman!  Now you can be an organized Wonder Woman!  This will reduce stress and give you more time to enjoy life!


The Family Binder

This one tip has been a life saver for me!!  It is the easiest place to start when learning to be more organized, so it is a quick win for you!  Get yourself a 3 ring binder.  How big it is should be determined by how much you think you may need to cram into it but a 2″ might be good to start off with.  You also want to get some pocket pages.   These will hold the items you place in the binder.  Sheet protectors will be another thing you will need.   I will link all these below for you.  I also recommend an inexpensive label maker so you can easily find the different sections in your binder.

Set up your pockets in the front of the binder and the sheet protectors in the rear.  The pockets will be for holding papers and things you need to access often.  The sheet protectors will be for keeping documents and manuals you don’t need to access too often.

So what do you do with your binder?  Well…its really up to you but here are some things to get you started.  One thing we all have a bunch of in our kitchens are take out menus.  How many times have you looked all over for the menu for your favorite Chinese take out?  So label the first page “Menus” and put all your take out menus into the pocket.  Now when you need to find one you know exactly where to look.

The next page should be labeled “Postage”.  Ever had to look high and low for a stamp or an envelope?  No more!  Put your stamps and any other mail related items here.  It is not for received mail.  It is only for what you use to send mail (stamps, address labels, envelopes, etc)

In my binder my next page is labeled “Pets” and it is where I keep my dogs’ vaccination records should I need to board them.   Then I have a page called “Health” which has anything related to health insurance or doctor’s appointments.

The list can go on and on and you can decide what pockets you need based on what you are always searching for and can never find!  You can store your product manuals or instructions in the sheet protectors in the back!  Its that easy to get more organized quickly!

Three Bin Laundry Organizer on Wheels

I have a ton of laundry to do each week and I don’t want to spend a lot of time sorting clothes.  I also don’t want to haul a heavy basket to the washing machine.  So, my husband bought me a three bin laundry organizer that comes on wheels so I can just fill it and push it all to the washing machine.  The best part about this is the clothes get organized as they go in.  Everyone knows that the first bin is for colored clothes, the second for towels and the third for white clothes.  So all I need to do is empty one bin into the washer and no sorting!  No carrying!!  I have saved so much time and have eliminated that odd item that always seems to get missed when you’re sorting clothes and then you have to throw it in with another load where it doesn’t belong!  Come on….you know you do it.  You throw that black sock in with your nice white load because you don’t want to leave just one sock undone!  This doesn’t happen anymore!

Wash Your Sink 


Ok so this is a big one for me because I have a white sink so any little speck annoys me; I am a little OCD like that.  I HATE HATE HATE seeing dirty dishes in the sink as well.  So I have a rule…if you use something it goes into the dishwasher.  Does that always happen?  No.  But it does help.  Then before I go to bed I load any stray dishes into the dishwasher and then I wash my sink.  I feel better going to bed with a nice, clean kitchen and I love waking up to one even more!  Making sure everyone knows how to load their dishes into the dishwasher keeps dishes out of the sink and keeps you less stressed.  Because, if you are like me, just seeing a mess stresses you out.

If you do not have a dishwasher…no problem.  You can do the same exact thing but have them wash them instead!  In the end it is less you have to do all at once. and eliminates waking up to a chore waiting to be done!

Key/Sunglasses Organizer

So I don’t know about you but the two things in my house I always used to hear ‘where are they??” about (mostly by me) are keys and sunglasses.  We all tend to get into a habit of walking into the house with keys and glasses in hand and then someone asks us something or the phone rings and we get distracted…next thing you know, we forget where we put them down.  Now this may seem like a no-brainer but SO many people don’t have one…an organizer that can hang next to your door with hooks for your keys and either a shelf or baskets for sunglasses.  If it is right next to the door then you can deal with those things before even really stepping foot into the house where that black hole created by screaming kids and ringing phones will suck them in.

(I promise I am in the process of posting links to these products mentioned above so check back soon!)


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