The Panic Attack that Defeated the Enemy

The Panic Attack That Defeated the Enemy |Panic attack | Anxiety | Spiritual Warfare |
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I woke up at 3am with my heart pounding, a feeling that I can only describe as terror flooded over me. But I wasn’t fearing anything. I wasn’t under stress. I wasn’t going through any problems or life changing events. It was just a sense of panic…over nothing. My heart raced like I had just run a mile and yet I had been sound asleep. This was the third time this week this had happened, and the only time in my life. I had a panic attack.

I woke up at 3am with my heart pounding, a feeling that I can only describe as terror flooded over… Click To Tweet

I have suffered with anxiety for several years. I am sure it has been longer but it has really reared its head just in the last several. I had gone through most of my previous marriage with so much worry, so much stress, so much fear on a seemingly daily basis that now my body didn’t know how to exist without it. It started to LOOK for something to worry about and would produce those feelings even when it found… Click To Tweet

You see, for those of us with general anxiety, our brains are overactive in looking for something to worry about. Mine works overtime just because it’s been so used to it for so long that it seems to crave it.

Now here I was, just after starting my blog, having panic attacks in the middle of the night out of nowhere.

I had never spoken openly about having anxiety in the past…I felt like as a Christian admitting having anxiety was like admitting a lack of faith. After all, doesn’t the Bible say,

“Be anxious for nothing but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, make your requests be made known to God; then the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (NKJV)

But the King James version words it as,

“Be careful for nothing…..” (KJV)

In the Strongs Exhaustive Concordance, the word here “careful” in Greek means:

Worry, be concerned – take thought, anxiety

These words are more about worry or concern and an anxiety that comes from worry. We all experience that from time to time. We experience that kind of anxiety when we have a job interview, must speak in public, get married, etc. But what I was dealing with here, after reading this, was not that kind of anxiety. This was a real, physical reaction to..nothing.

There was no worry, there was no concern here…and where I had no worry or concern there could not possibly be a lack of faith in this situation! I just had a very real physical response to…nothing. In fact, during this attack, I was sound asleep!

I struggled with this for days because I feared (yes, here IS where concern and worry kicked in) that this was going to be an ongoing addition to my already problematic general anxiety. I worried I was going to keep having these episodes at night. I worried that I was going to keep getting worse. I worried about my health. I wondered at times if I was exhibiting signs of a heart attack..I mean I AM 50! I started to imagine things that could be wrong with me.

The Panic Attack That Defeated the Enemy

“Be anxious for nothing…….”

I heard those words over and over in my mind. It was like something wanted me to feel condemnation for this attack that I had no control over. You see I had quickly crossed the threshold from HAVING anxiety to BEING anxious. I was imagining! I was creating problems where they didn’t exist and that was causing more anxiety. For a period of 3 days it became a never-ending cycle. Those with anxiety, you know exactly what I am talking about. It is normal for people with anxiety to expect the worst because your mind and body are already in preparation for it!

But I kept hearing it….

“Be anxious for nothing…….”

I kept feeling that I was failing God. I WAS being anxious! Was my faith wavering? Was I disappointing Him?

Well, the enemy knows the Bible too….and many times he tries to manipulate us through making us feel like we are failing in our walk.  He tries to make us feel condemnation. He tries to make us feel like we are missing the mark. He tries to make us despair, lose hope. Lose FAITH!

You see…I had a revelation. The word ATTACK in this case.

I had just started my blog. I was opening up to people and telling my story. I was encouraging people. I was hopefully leading people to a closer relationship with God. And now, during the night, during a time when I needed my rest most because I am not a good sleeper anyway…I was being attacked. But the panic was not the attack…the thoughts that went through my mind afterwards (Maybe it’s my heart, maybe there is something really wrong with me, etc.) were the attack! Being focused on this IMAGINED threat to my health kept me from being focused on doing what God wanted. I was imagining!

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds; Casting down IMAGINATIONS and, every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 (KJV)

Casting down IMAGINATIONS!

You see…I am not saying that all panic attacks are attacks of the enemy. Don’t feel that if you go through these that you are under attack. This is a very real condition for many people. I am saying for ME…lying there at night when I had NEVER experienced anything like this in my 50 years…I just KNEW this WAS an attack because of the thoughts that accompanied it and also simply because it was a big distraction.

I just KNEW this WAS an attack because of the thoughts that accompanied it and also simply because… Click To Tweet

So I started to do what the Bible says to do…

“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:11 (KJV)

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7 (KJV)

Submit yourselves to God…resist…put on the armor of God…..

When you step into what God has for you…when you start to align yourself with God’s will..the enemy gets in a fit. His greatest pride is when he can get a Christian to stop doing God’s will. I have often heard the saying,

“If you are not running headfirst into the enemy at every turn be careful, because you might be heading in the same direction.” ~Unknown

“If you are not running headfirst into the enemy at every turn be careful, because you might be… Click To Tweet

So I submitted myself to God and prayed and let Him lead me. I knew I was just to keep going…not give up what I was doing with my site (for you it could be your job, your ministry, your parenting, your marriage, etc.) BUT I had been so focused on the DOING of the site that I lost sight of my own prayer and study time.  If I was going to do this AND be under his protective covering, I had to let Him lead and He could only lead when I was going to Him. I prayed…a lot…and asked for prayer from others. I buried myself in the Word. I prayed the Word. I put on my armor! Because I realized I had been so focused on the DOING for God, I had lapsed in just being in His presence where I am revived, refreshed and renewed.

The attacks never happened again. I have not had one since. Not a single one.

The Panic Attack That Defeated the Enemy


When we get so busy DOING for God that we lose the time we spend WITH Him, we can let our guard down. We can leave a crack in the door for the enemy to come in and attack us where we are weakest. We can become full of ourselves by thinking we are so BUSY for God…when the truth is we are robbing ourselves and Him of that precious time together. My anxiety was an open door for the enemy. We have weapons of warfare, we CAN resist the enemy…but we need to submit to God first.  I was doing my thing and somehow thinking it substituted for actual time with Him.   And I essentially had treated my ministry like an idol…giving it all my attention when it was Him I should have focused on.  And we can do that with our marriages, our jobs, school, and yes even church and ministry.

When we get so busy DOING for God that we lose the time we spend WITH Him, we can let our guard down. Click To Tweet

I now know that I cannot do what I am doing here without making sure I go to sit at His feet each day. I know that once I stop doing that then I am just doing works and not having relationship. It becomes about me. And in doing so, I am taking Him out of what I am doing and I am going rogue!! So make sure you make time to just BE…just BE in His presence. Just BE in His Word.  Our ministries, our parenting, our marriage can all become frustrated and even attacked when we don’t allow Him to be at the center of it.


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  1. Love this post. You are so right about being with God. He is our source for everything. I liked how you turned to resting in God's presence as a warfare act. So powerful

    • Thank you Ailie...Its so simple we sometimes forget it is really all we need....just to be in His presence.

  2. Diane, thanks for these great reminders! I also struggle with anxiety but I am working hard at submitting myself to God this year and with His help, hope to fully overcome it!

    • Thank you Veronica! I'll be praying for you!! I know God has used my anxiety to teach me so much, especially dependence on Him!

  3. This was very helpful. I have had occasional panic attacks, thankfully not regularly. I think even when our symptoms are physical and may require medical care to treat, Satan can use our weakened state to breed insecurity. I so agree that personal time in the Word is so crucial. I have just begun my blogging and writing ministry and can already feel the pull to spend more and more time online. Thanks for the thoughtful post!

    • Thank you Kathy!! Yes when we are new at this it is so easy to get caught up in doing so much...there is so much to learn and so many things to be set up..we can easily fall into the trap of being busy FOR Him but not being WITH Him.

  4. I'm so guilty of doing, doing, doing, that I forget to rest in Him and just spend time with Him. Thank you for this reminder today!! It was MUCH needed!

  5. Wow with God's nudging you pushed through the longer will the enemy use this mode--Way to conquer fear with faith!

    • Thank you Lori!! Its amazing how much time spent in prayer can conquer!

  6. This is a fabulous post and great reminder to STAY IN THE WORD and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! So many great reminders that I needed today! Thank you!!!

  7. I can so relate to this. That "Be anxious for nothing" really is powerful when you let it sink in. It's amazing too how you can immediately start the day with losing your peace before your feet hit the ground!

    • Gloryanna you're so doesn't take much at all to lose your peace if you don't guard it!! Thank you!!!

  8. I really liked this. I get panic attacks from past trauma. I wish I could say exactly what each trigger is but I can't. Something will happen and out of nowhere I start to get flashbacks of things and my body leaves my control. I saw this show on addiction once where they suggested that our culture has gotten so used to instant gratification that we no longer value the feeling and growth that comes with pain. It really helped me to look at what happened and think, "Hey, I got through it". Slowly but surely, the panic attacks became less and less frequent. However! One night, in particular, I woke up with the feeling I was being crushed. It was hands down, 110% spiritual. It wasn't like the normal panic attack, it was much worse. I think there's great value in understanding the spiritual side of fear and how the enemy uses it to terrorize us, especially when we have anxiety. Those verses you spoke were exactly the same ones I read moving beyond that attack. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for sharing that Leah. I agree with you that it can be trauma related. I know I can basically pin point the events that led up to my anxiety becoming noticeable to the degree I needed to address it. I really appreciate your comments! <3

  9. I personally have not experienced panic attacks, but I know people who do. I will share your advice with them, and pray it encourages them. Thank you very much for your vote and pin today!

  10. This was a very powerful read for me. Not because I am suffering with anxiety, although I have experienced anxiety and panic attack in the past so can relate to what you are saying and how scary they can be. Praise the Lord that you were healed and the enemy was blocked. The reason it was so powerful was because as I was reading it, the part about thinking the blog substituted time with God, I burst into tears. I didn't expect it at all, I was reading through your blog, then, smack! It was a huge reality check for me. I have been struggling with a fog and doubts the last few weeks, and my head has been in the computer much more, all so that I can share the word of God, but somehow I have been thinking that this is enough, I'd never seen it in the way you put it, I have been putting it before my relationship with God. Until now, I thought what I was doing was building my relationship with God by doing my work, not that I don't pray or read the bible at all, but it hasn't been enough for our relationship. I really do need to 'BE' , get the balance and get back on track with my relationship with the Lord, rather than obsessing about my blogs and if it's what the Lord wants me to do. Your blog has been the answer to so many questions about my faith and my blog and how I've been feeling over the last couple of weeks. I am being attacked but only now realise why, because of my distance from focusing on my relationship with God and instead focusing to much on my blogs, I have a few! I was going to pack my blogs in all together because I was feeling so negative. It's been a very confusing time recently! I knew it was an attack because I was still writing to praise the Lord, still wanting to help others through the word of the Lord, but somehow felt I was being a hypocrite because me personally felt so distant from God, it's a strange combination. I'm in tears now as I write this message. Praise the Lord! I will be saving this one in my heart. Love and blessings.

    • Francesca your comments made me cry! I am so blessed that this post helped you in that way! That is why I help even one person who might be struggling with the same things. Your comment is exactly why I do this. This has been such an incredible blessing to me!! God bless you and I hope you never pack it in..because you have so many experiences that can impact someone the way this impacted you! In fact now you have a post in the making!! God has a way of letting us know when we are out of balance and I am so thankful that my hard learned lesson helped you as well!! Much love to you!! <3

  11. This is such a great post! The enemy attacks at every angle he possibly can to make us think it's us and not him. Thank you for revealing God's truth to us, though! I am sharing this on my FB page. Visiting from Grace & Truth

  12. Boy did I receive from this! I wrote something similar about when the goal gets in the way of my prize. Being too goal oriented impedes my intimacy with Jesus because I get too busy " doing" and neglect "being".I loved the way you traced the physical to the emotion and finally you to the spiritual. Excellent! Connecting the attack with your ministry as well as your relationship with the Lord was so insightful:) I feel like I have had church this morning! Lol Thank you for this post!

    • Gretchen thank you so much!! Your comments really made me smile. I love when someone identifies with something I wrote!! Thank you again!!