Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

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Prayer Requests at Worth Beyond Rubies

We would love to pray with you and for you!  Your prayer request will be shared on this site so others can pray for you and praise with you!!  Please submit requests as often as you’d like!

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  • Strengthen marriage

    My husband and I got married VERY quickly after not knowing each other long, and have had a very difficult past 5 years. I had emotional relationships about a year and a half ago, and he found out about them a little more than a year ago. We've worked through our issues, but I'm worried that future trials will end our marriage. This causes me such anxiety, as I also have been diagnosed with several chronic illnesses since all of this has happened (completely unrelated). Please be praying that God will strengthen and maintain and restore our marriage. I love my husband and our young son so intensely.

  • Husband's salvation

    Please pray for my husband to receive Jesus as his Lord and saviour. We have been married over 40 years. The battle is fierce and need someone to stand with me. Thank you

  • Husband

    My husband recently had an affair and we've been working on rebuilding our marriage since Feb 22. So...about 3 weeks. That might not seem long, but for me, at times I forget what month it is. I feel like literally months have passed. But God has graciously set my heart to forgive him and trust God to heal us. In the past 6 months my husband had slowly drifted from our family in faith, actions, everything. He is still astonished why I forgave him - especially me coming from a background of parents with 9 marriages and divorces between them - and I'm constantly redirecting him to God's grace. I can't take credit - I'm just as astonished. My prayer request is for my husband's faith. God, if only it was renewed to back to when we were first married! Thank you for this prayer request page!!

  • Anxiety and Health Issues

    Thank you so much for this on your site. I am dealing with a lot of anxiety lately, which I think is turning into depression. I have had a cough for 3 years now that really scares me. I had gone to the doctor 3 years ago and he said I was fine but I don't understand why I still have the cough. I set up another appointment to go to a different doctor this Monday but am really scared and might cancel it. I biggest fear is that I will get or already have cancer, which doesn't make much sense because I'm only 25. I just always seem to have weird aches and pains that I always fear are linked back to my cough. Please just pray that my cough will go away. I am exhausted having dealt with it for so long. Thanks so much!

  • Need Prayer Regarding Job

    My husband has applied for multiple positions in different areas of the country. We just feel it is time for him to move on as we don't like the area we are currently living in. Please pray that the Lord would lead him not only to the right job for him but also in an area He knows we would be happiest and could make our home in for many years. Thank you!

  • Pray for my husband's book

    Please pray for my husband's book Vodka, Vagabonds, and Victory by Robert Gallant to reach more people. Also please pray for my writing as I am starting to write my own book. Thank you.


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