7 Unconventional Prayer Closets

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by Sarah Geringer

When I watched the movie War Room, I delighted in how the main character cleaned out a closet and made it her prayer room. She posted notes all over the walls and consecrated that space to God. That little room became the catalyst for a complete overhaul of her marriage. A powerful space indeed!

I don’t have a literal prayer closet, but I do pray regularly in several unusual locations like these:
1. Shower Every morning: I either sing songs of praise or pray aloud while showering. Sometimes I get so caught up in praying, I can’t even remember whether I shampooed or not! (Easier to tell if I shaved my legs, wink.)
2. Commute:  Once I drop my children off at school in the mornings, I pray aloud on the 10-minute drive to work. I pray over my husband and children, and I pray for myself to be able to face the day with the best possible attitudes, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Then on the afternoon commute back to my children’s school, I converse with God over the events of my workday. It’s a great way to decompress and renew my spiritual connection with the Lord.
3. Handwashing dishes: This time-consuming task becomes a sweet time of prayer as I clean the dishes and clean out the contents of my heart.

7 Unconventional Prayer Closets | Prayer | Prayer Closet | War Room | Talking to God www.worthbeyondrubies.com/unconventional-prayer/
4. Vacuuming:  Since I can’t hear anything else but the motor running, it’s a great time to focus prayer on a specific topic that’s concerning me. (Need to vacuum more often and receive greater peace and cleaner floors at the same time!)
5. Mowing the Lawn:  Like vacuuming, this noisy activity effectively blocks out other auditory distractions, which gives me space to pray. I can enter a peaceful prayer room in my mind, even on a hot, humid August afternoon.
6. Cemetery:  I live right across the road from a country church. When the weather is nice, I pray while I walk along the gravel path that encircles the cemetery. This is one of my most peaceful prayer spaces. I feel as if I’m in the company of many other sleeping saints whose prayers were certainly answered, and someday in heaven I’ll get to see how!
7. Work:  When I get overstressed at work, I take a stroll down a quiet hallway. I breathe deeply and recite scriptures from memory in my mind. The combination of physical activity and prayerful focus instantly calms and settles me, relieving my stress.
My most frequent place of prayer is my bedroom. I try to remember to pray every night before I go to sleep. It helps to recount my entire day with God, because I remember people to pray for and situations to address.

I give over my stresses and concerns and sleep with more peace when I pray first.#pray @sarahGeringer Click To Tweet

If I wake up in the middle of the night, I view it as an anointed prayer time. Some of my deepest, most vulnerable prayers have happened in those quiet night hours. That’s usually when I hear God’s voice with the most clarity.

I want to become a woman who makes full use of every possible prayer space. Whether it’s a cathedral, a closet, or a cemetery, I want to recognize each location as a call to prayer. I want to grow in my practice of prayer this year…how about you?

Where is your most unusual prayer place?
What time of day is best for regular prayer in your busy life?
How will your faith grow from regular visits to multiple prayer closets?

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Sarah Geringer is the author of two self-published books and a memoir. She blogs five days a week at sarahgeringer.com and is working on a new book for the 2017 Lenten season. Sarah lives in her beloved home state of Missouri with her husband and three children.






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  1. I've always called my run my holy ground. Working out has always been a form of worship for me and a place where I can talk to God and take time to listen. Love this time.

  2. I love this! My prayer closet has changed during different times of my life. This is so practical and a reminder that we can practice a life of prayer --- anywhere. :)

  3. These are great, Sarah! I tend to pray in the bath tub too. Probably because it's one of the few moments I get alone! Oddly enough that is usually where God speaks to me the most! Thanks for all these unusual Prayer closet spots!

    • Sarah had some amazing suggestions!! I love the bath tub one!! Now I need to find time to actually take a bath!! Lol

    • I prefer showers to baths, but hey, any cleaning time in the bath is good for praying! Thanks Alisa for the comment!

  4. I agree that prayer is essential and we are wise to take every opportunity to come before God with our thanks, praises, and needs! Just today I was sweeping the floors and using that time to pray for friend from church who had was sent to the hospital for a second time within this week. Great post! Great ideas for places to pray! Thank you for this!

    God bless,

  5. Love and Love this post! Two of my favorite prayer closet is my kitchen floor and when I am changing diapers of my Triplets(it is non-stop).

    • Sarah really did a great job with her post!! Thanks so much for commenting!!

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone! Thankful for this opportunity to post, Diane!

  7. lovely. Good ideas too! My most 'unconventional' prayer closet has been in the car. But I like prayer walks best. I can praise God for what I see as I go along.

  8. These are great! Yes - so many places we can meet God for prayer. When my kids were babies it was the rocker in my son's room as I put him to sleep. Now that they're older, it's often the bathtub - one of the few places I truly get some quiet time :)

    • Yes Sarah did a great job on this post! It truly brings about praying without ceasing!!

  9. Thank you so much! I am glad you found it encouraging!