My War Room - My Favorite Gift!

War Room - Favorite Birthday Gift
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For my birthday this year, my husband gave me the most awesome gift; a War Room.  It’s a bit more than a War Room actually.   It is basically my own room devoted to prayer, blogging and filming.   I had originally just asked for a small corner in our large walk-in closet as a War Room but he went above and beyond and converted our spare bedroom.

For my birthday this year, my husband gave me the most awesome gift; a War Room #prayer Click To Tweet

So let me introduce you to my new War Room!

My husband painting my new War Room - spent the weekend clearing the room out and painting it white to match my aesthetic of nice, clean, black and white along with pink…which is my signature color! (Yep..a little Steel Magnolias reference there!)

This was no easy task as this room had been basically used as a storage room since we moved in 6 months ago so this was the first time it had been painted!

He then got me some fabric for the wall behind my desk to use as a backdrop for filming but after a day or two we decided it really didn’t fit well with the rest of the room.  So, we opted for a scripture decal instead.

Applying scripture decal

Let me just tell you now…if you have not ever applied one of these decals…be prepared!!  They are NOT easy to put up!!
The letters want to stick to the paper and not the wall so be sure you have plenty of time and a nice straight-edged tool to use!


Finished decal on my war room wall





But it came out beautiful!!  And it makes for an awesome backdrop for filming videos!!


Then the decorating began!  We moved my desk from my master bedroom in to the room for me to sit at when blogging.  We picked up some inexpensive black frames at the Dollar Tree and I printed off some hand lettering and some great printable for War Rooms that I found for free online or created using Canva.  I blurred them out in the photo since I really cannot remember the site I got them from and I don’t want to post someone’s printable without crediting them.

My War Room - Office section My War Room

My desk area is all set up for blogging…it also has my journal there for when I want to write down my thoughts.  My camera is also there for filming or takin photos.  I also have my laptop there as well but that comes and goes with me.

My desk in my war room

Then I set up my actual prayer area which is in the opposite corner from my blogging space.  I have a seat cushion there to rest against.

My War Room - My favorite birthday present ever! See how my husband made me a war room and a blogging space for my birthday!


I have a bin where I have some a couple of different Bibles.

War Room sitting area

I have my Concordance for study.  A journal for when I get an idea for a blog post while praying (which happens a LOT), markers, pencils and pens for if I feel I want to journal during that time.  I have pictures up of people I want to pray for every day (blurred out for their privacy).

War Room Prayer wall

I also keep a couple of sheets of paper on the wall with prayers for my husband and children and also a sheet for logging answered prayers on.  My prayer journal is also there so I can pray for friends and family and people who ask for prayer.

To learn about what prayers I use for my husband and children, or for more information on Watchman prayer..see the books I linked below

In addition, my Amazon Dot is in that corner for playing music while I am working or if I just want to listen to praise and worship music during my prayer time.

My War Room sitting area

It is still a work in progress as I determine what my needs are while praying but I think this is an amazing start!  I so appreciate this gift that was given with so much love!  I am truly blessed!!  Please comment if you have any questions about anything I use in my War Room or in my filming area!

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  1. What an awesome name you have for it! Some people call it a quiet time room. I love that you have a room for prayer!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a husband!!!! That's incredible. I hinted a million times I wanted our home office for bloggin but my husband is an IT so it's been a battle I easily gave up lol but I'm still hoping Jesus gives me an office... we have a patio that would be a nice conversion... I think I should send this post to my husband! HINT!

    • LOL Leah....I will be praying for you to get your office!!! And nothing wrong with a gentle hint LOL

  3. Some fabulous ideas here... what a testimony. We'll begin is half done. I only gave a corner but you've given he incentive.

    • Thank you Jenna! I like a small, cozy corner for prayer. That is why I used the one corner for that part of it. The rest of it is basically an office LOL

  4. Awesome! May it be a blessed retreat for prayer and ministering!

    God bless,