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Bible Review of the New Inspire Journaling Bible

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While I do book reviews on the site, I have never done a review on one specific Bible.  But this journaling Bible is just SO amazing I felt I HAD to let you all know about it immediately (insert excited screech here)!!!

Bible Review of Tyndale NLT Inspire Art & Coloring Journaling Bible - An image of the journaling Bible on my white wooden desk with my window in the background overlooking my yard

Bible Review: About the Tyndale NLT Inspire PRAISE Bible

The Amazon description reads:

The Tyndale Inspire PRAISE Bible has all of the great features the #1-selling Inspire Bible has, but with even more beautiful line-art illustrations to color – and now with even larger font! The Inspire PRAISE creative Bible comes with nearly 500 all-new full- and partial-page Scripture illustrations attractively displayed throughout! Bonus features of this journaling Bible also include even thicker Bible paper & 32 colorful, transparent, praise-themed pages. Leave traces of faith―and PRAISE―throughout this coloring Bible for a treasure that will truly inspire!

The lightly-ruled, two-inch-wide margins offer additional space to write notes and reflections or to draw and create. Plus, the nearly 11-point font is even larger than most large print journaling Bibles, and the high-quality white Bible paper makes it a great choice for creatively responding to God’s Word right on the pages.


  • Single-column setting with black letter text.
  • Large font Bible with near 11-point print.
  • Bible journaling space for personal reflections and creativity.
  • Nearly 500 all-new designed Scripture line-art verses to color.
  • A sturdy and beautiful, LeatherLike purple hardcover.


My Review of the NLT Inspire Art & Coloring Journaling Bible

I am absolutely in LOVE with this journaling Bible! I think I just held it and looked at it for the first thirty minutes after I took it out of the box!!

It is full of beautiful illustrations for coloring!

Bible Review of Tyndale NLT Inspire Art & Coloring Journaling Bible - An image of an illustration in coloring Bible that says Hope

In addition to the illustrations, it comes with some overlays where you can add your thoughts or let your creativity flow and add your own artwork to them!

Bible Review of Tyndale NLT Inspire Art & Coloring Journaling Bible - An image of a colored overlay with flowers and butterflies

I have the Inspire journaling Bible and I love it! But this new Bible is definitely the best one I have ever owned! It is so beautiful I almost don’t even want to write in it!!

But how can you not? It is the perfect Bible to get your creativity going! Just feeling it in your hands makes you want to dive into it!!

NLT Inspire Journaling Bible Review: Large Print Journaling Bible!

For those of you who read my post on recommendations for large print Bibles for those of us with vision issues, you know how important this is to me!

My eyes have gotten worse since I had my stroke in June 2019, so I wasn’t sure if Bible journaling was something I was going to be able to continue doing. 

When a friend showed me this Bible, I immediately fell in love with the beauty all along the outside edges of the pages

Bible Review of Tyndale NLT Inspire Art & Coloring Journaling Bible - An image of the outside edges of the pages which have flowers and butterflies

I was not disappointed when I opened it up!

The words were large enough for me to read easily without being overbearing! The illustrations were also a great size for journaling for me without so much of the tiny detailing you find in some other journaling Bibles. For those of us with poor vision, it hurts to even look at those little details!


NLT Inspire Journaling Bible Review- Journaling Space

This Inspire Bible has plenty of space in the margin for you to record your thoughts, notes from your study of the Word or whatever God may speak to you!

It has a 2″ margin which is a perfect size, in my opinion! It doesn’t require me to write in teeny letters so that a year from now I cannot even read what I wrote!!

This Bible really allows so many ways for you to make this a true journal that does not only express your creativity but also your thoughts, feelings, prayers and meditations!

The NLT Inspire Journaling Bible is Sturdy!

I would be remiss if this Bible review didn’t talk about the sturdiness of this Bible while maintaining its beauty! It amazes me!

The leather-like cover feels so soft and yet seems durable and seems as though it would hold up very well over the years.

The paper is equally as sturdy! You don’t feel like you’re working with paper that is going to tear when you touch it or that appears see-through!

I fully expect this to be a Bible that I will have for many, many years to come and hopefully, with all the journaling I do in it, can pass it down to my kids so they will have my thoughts and prayers and creative expression with them through their lives.


Bible Review of NLT Inspire Journaling Bible – Summary

I cannot recommend this Bible enough! I would be surprised if you didn’t fall in love with it the second you hold it!

The price is very affordable for all that you get from this wonderful Bible and you can get it shipped for free and have it in 2 days (sometimes less and sometimes a little more depending on where you live) if you have Amazon Prime!

If you do purchase this Bible, I would love to know what you think of it in the comments!! 

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