Blogging Tips for Faith Bloggers

If you are a Christian blogger, especially a new one, it can be difficult to navigate all the articles out there! Tips for Christian blogging can change frequently! Here you will find some articles to help you navigate the world of blogging!

We definitely have some great courses we recommend as well if you are a new faith blogger just starting out.

Full disclosure: Some of these are free and some are paid. Some of the paid courses ARE affiliate links so if you sign up for any of these courses, I do receive a small commission at no cost to you. However, I am an affiliate for them BECAUSE I believe in the programs and take them myself so I only recommend what I believe is helpful.

Stupid Simple SEO : This is by far my favorite SEO course and I think every blogger should take it. It is NOT faith-based so keep that in mind but the information is invaluable for learning SEO and many good blogging tips, as well as Mike is an expert in niche sites, SEO and many other topics.

Kate Doster – Love Your List Self-Paced: Again, this is not a faith-specific course but it is SO valuable if you are looking to build an email list the right way! Kate does an amazing job and I take MANY of her courses but this one is her best. While this is more specifically about email list building and less about blogging tips, it is great for those who want to earn from selling books and courses but maybe don’t want to blog.

Flooring Girl – Journey to the Center of Amazon: If you want to get serious about earning affiliate income with Amazon, then this is a great course to start with. Debbie does an amazing job explaining Amazon and how it works and how you should use it to earn affiliate income. Again, not faith-based but a great course.

Kingdom Bloggers – Affiliate Marketing for Christian Bloggers: In carrying on the theme of affiliate marketing, LeeAnn does a great job of teaching how to use affiliate marketing overall and how to use it as a Christian blogger.

Kingdom Bloggers – Defining Your Ministry Audience – Part of starting a blogging ministry is knowing WHO you are writing for. LeeAnn at Kingdom Bloggers helps you determine who that audience is!

Kingdom Bloggers – Jesus Online: The Complete Guide to Starting a Christian Blog Ministry. LeeAnn offers great blogging tips and tools for getting started AND maintaining an online blogging ministry.

Kingdom Bloggers – Christian Bloggers Bootcamp: Are you a Christian Blogger who feels called to share the Gospel online but just can’t seem to make any REAL progress with growing your blog ministry? Learn how to lay a solid SEO foundation for your Christian blog so it will actually reach the people God intended it to reach! And if your goal is to monetize your Christian blog, learn how to do it without making it look like a sales ad or having to “promote” products.

Kingdom Bloggers – SEO For Christian Bloggers: Imagine writing content and NOT having to continually promote it in order to get traffic! Imagine having so much extra time on your hands because you aren’t promoting your blog daily on Pinterest and social media! That’s what SEO will do for you! SEO enables you to basically “publish and forget about it” and still get traffic to the post a year later.

Kingdom Bloggers – Blog Planning Toolkit for Christian Bloggers: The Blog Planning Toolkit is a workbook created to help you in mapping out the blueprint for your Christian blog ministry. God put it on your heart to share a message that a very particular person needs to hear (read). Having a solid blueprint for your blog will ensure that the intended person is able to find that message and read it!

Kingdom Bloggers – Blog Audit: A Blog audit is the best way to see exactly where you can make slight tweaks and improvements to get more organic traffic to your posts and to keep visitors on your site longer (and lower that bounce rate)! Your audit will come in the form of a written report AND a video that walks through each of the areas discussed in the written report.