1. Is affiliate marketing Godly. God commanded man to work and sweat for his living but i dont think affiliate marketing makes you sweat. All you do is get easy cash. please help me understand. I need to know before joining one

    1. Hi Solomon…I am not aware of any place in the Bible where you are prohibited from making money unless you are dripping in sweat or a lot of Christians would be out of work. I believe what you are referring to is when God told Adam by the sweat of his brow would he eat bread. That is not a command that says you MUST sweat…it means a person must work hard for what they have and for caring for their families. It simply means man would have to work to obtain food and clothing and so on and would no longer be entitled to the privileges that came with living in Paradise until Jesus returns because of sin in the world. It was no longer perfection but man would have to work for his provision. It doesn’t mean everyone has to sweat at work or its not godly work. The Bible also says in 1 Corinthians 9:14 that those who preach the Gospel should earn their living from the Gospel. So those who work in ministry should be able to earn money from the ministry, even if that involves sharing resources that can not only help someone but help to promote other Christian’s work. For instance, one of the affiliates we share is a missionary who creates Bible study resources. By promoting her resources, she can help take care of her family and do missions and, in return, she blesses our ministry for sharing how helpful it was for us. We have to be careful about context in areas like this. That being said, we also state that people should share resources out of a genuine place and not just for making money. We share because it was helpful.

  2. Any advice for Christian companies looking to enter into Affiliate marketing (besides joining ShareASale or CJ)?

    1. If you mean you would like to offer products with affiliates, it depends on what you offer. But there are different affiliate plugins you can get for websites or you can use a digital delivery product (if you have digital products) like sendowl or even thinkific. But it really depends on what you are offering.

  3. thank you so much for this very helpful article on Christian blogging. I’ve found especially the area that deals with contents/reviews on a particular product may not have to be used or experienced first-handed. bur that a disclosure should state that. I’ve always wanted to write contents in an ethical manner, so this was very helpful to me. thank you again.

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