Creating Products as a Christian Blogger

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Creating Products as a Christian Blogger

As a Christian blogger, the sky’s the limit as to what you can create, build, and achieve. Every blogger starts with a vision. They start with some sort of notion to share their passion in what they do best, which is to write.

Being a blogger means you are a full-time writer. You are a creative master at heart and you have perseverance like no other person that you know.

Being a blogger means you are a full-time writer. You are a creative master at heart and you have perseverance like no other person that you know Click To Tweet

Many qualities and talents are required and expected as a Christian blogger. Whether your blogging is as a hobby, a passion, a ministry, or to build into what you hope to become a full-time position and to build an income for you and your family, your focus and time is needed to create a successful blog.

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Staring My Journey Creating Products as a Christian Blogger

When I first created Married by His Grace, the thought of eventually creating products and bringing in an income as a blogger was definitely within my hopes and vision. It was even a source of determination to a certain extent. (Note: Blogging just to make an income should never be the reason why you are blogging) I just did not know yet what I would eventually create to accomplish this.

I needed to achieve step by step to what God had called me to write about first, which was encouraging wives and mothers to build their homes based off of the word of God, creating a Christian atmosphere in their marriage and within the walls of their home.

Evolving as a Christian Blogger – It is a Ministry

It wasn’t until months after I started blogging that I saw my blog as a ministry and felt the urge to encourage new Christian Bloggers. I had seen a statistic that 85% of bloggers fail. 50% of those bloggers fail within 6 months. That broke my heart. I began praying continuously for Christian Bloggers that were creating a ministry and spreading the word of God, to be touched with encouragement.

Soon after that, I started to write posts for soon to be and new faith bloggers about how God is using us. As a Christian blogger, I did my best to answer all the questions from a Christian perspective. Some posts I have written are about how to use Pinterest, how to balance marriage and blogging, connecting with other bloggers, and much more.

Since then I spend the majority of my time experimenting and researching as much as I can about blogging to give all the information I learn back to new bloggers in hopes to keep them encouraged and motivated.

Within a few short months of doing this, By His Grace Bloggers private Facebook group was created, I released my first eBook, ‘By His Grace We Blog’. A source of information for the soon to be, new, and established Christian Blogger.

I recommend for any blogger to create a product if they can. Creating products is a passive source of income. It is also a way of releasing your creativity to the masses. Your expertise within your niche will be seen through your product that you have put all your efforts into creating.

The Top 4 Questions asked about Creating Products as a Blogger! Click To Tweet

The Top 4 Questions About Creating Products as a Christian Blogger:

1. How do I know what product to create and sell?

The answer to this will be based on you as a blogger. The most important factor to consider in creating a product is to think about what your readers already love about your blog. I once read that the best way to decide what to create, is what posts on your blog brings in the most traffic? In simple form; where do you see your readers trust you the most?

Do they love when you write about raising children? Do they respond to your writings with comments and questions the most when you write about marriage?

You will want to create products that relate to your blog and what your readers already expect from you. They will be the ones to buy and recommend your product before anyone else.

2. What type of product is best to sell? eBooks, Webinars, Courses, or Physical Product?

I would not ask yourself what product is best to sell. I would ask yourself, what do you see yourself creating? When creating your product you have to realize the best results of selling is based on you as the creator, not what will bring in the most revenue. If you create something that is not you, you will not sell. Your audience will see it’s not your best work and that is not the reviews you want. You can eventually lose your readers and subscribers.

I chose writing an eBook because writing is my passion. I have always wanted to write a book so I knew this is where my creativity would shine the most. Writing an ebook also worked best for me because as a wife, stay at home mom, full-time blogger, and someone that serves in ministry, being able to create my own schedule and deadline for the eBook worked best.

Some of you may not like writing a mass amount of words at a time, maybe you have a knack for creating videos and would love to teach others how to go more in-depth on bible studies. Maybe you have a vision of many designs and you would love to make them come to life through graphic tees to sell on your blog site.

Find what is best for you, your time, and for what you are able to produce within a timely manner for your audience.

3. How do I promote my products?

Promoting and marketing your product(s) is just how you would promote your blog. It can be done many ways through social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through your own profiles, but also by creating ads from each platform. Surprisingly, the prices of each social media platform are inexpensive and you can create your own budget.

You can also use Pinterest and Promote Pins on Pinterest by having the image of your product link back to either your blog site or straight to your checkout service.

However you decide to promote and market your product(s), it will take a lot of time and consistent effort into a successful product launch and into selling your product.

The biggest tip I can give you is; create a launch team for your product(s).

Get help to get the word out. Hype up your current followers about a product that they as readers inspired you to create. Ask them to share the product(s). Get them as excited as you are, by creating a countdown on your Instagram or by building up your subscribers by giving them behind the scenes emails about you creating the product.

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4. What do I use to sell my products?

Before creating my eBook I was in constant research of what to use to sell my product. There is a wide selection of sites to use as a digital check out system.  It is about what works best for you and the product you 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=591544d88d776cc6530243494c307a91& cb=1544544854899

For my eBook, I chose to use Gumroad because I decided not to use Amazon to sell my ebook (I did not choose Amazon because it takes 30% per sale).  I wanted to be able to sell myself on my blog site. Gumroad allowed me to sell on my own, create promo codes for discounts, and allow affiliates to sell my eBook from their site.

You can also sell physical graphics, other digital products, and courses on Gumroad and other sites such as Sendowl and Shopify for a small monthly fee. For Live Webinars you can look into sites such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, and Easy Webinar, to use as your webinar server and checkout.

Creating Products as a Faith Blogger – Conclusion

Through all of this information I just shared with you, my biggest hope is that you realized how many times I emphasized, “Do what is best for you”. As a blogger and creator, you can not do what others are doing. You need to do you!

First, as a Christian blogger, it is always about what God has called you to do.

Second, when you are not staying true to yourself, readers will see right through it. You cannot be successful when you are not following your own passions and creations, otherwise, you will eventually run out of ideas and passion for what you have started. It will cause the blog to fail over time.

For more tips and a bit of a roadmap to building a Christian Blog, I hope you check out ‘By His Grace We Blog, Christian Blogging 101’ eBook. The guide will explain step by step on: Cultivating your Blog into a Ministry, Branding, the Importance of Pinterest, Social Media, Networking, Monetizing, and much more. You can learn more here.

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 1463813201298Carmen Brown is the creator of Married by His Grace blog. She actively writes to women who are desiring to build their home with the word of God. Her passions involve staying connected with her family, drinking an immense amount of coffee daily, and developing content that will help and encourage new Christian Bloggers. You can connect with Carmen on her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Originally published August 29, 2018


  1. Wow! Such helpful principles and strategies, Carmen! Thanks for sharing these and thanks to Diane for bringing your expertise to our blogging community!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it!! Carmen wrote this a while back but her knowledge is timeless so I wanted to revive it because it is so helpful!

  2. I have a friend who is so much interested in guest posting and this really covered a whole lot about it so i will be sharing this post with her, Thanks.

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