Marketing Christian Blogs for Women – Missing This 1 Thing?

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You’ve decided to become a Christian blogger, or a blogger of any niche! You created this great site where you share your passion for writing with the world. You’ve decided what you want to write about and how you want your site to look but many times marketing your blog is the last thing we think about! So how can you get your Christian blogs for women out there and be seen? You may be missing one key thing!

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Marketing Christian Blogs for Women – Where Are My Readers At?

Whether you are a faith blogger, a fashion or beauty blogger, a parenting blogger, travel…whatever your niche is, the common denominator is we all want our blogs to get noticed!

I mean, what is a blog without readers, right? But many times we start our blogs and wait for readers to come to us! And we wait…and wait.

Whether you are a faith blogger, a fashion or beauty blogger, a parenting blogger, travel…whatever your niche is, the common denominator is we all want our blogs to get noticed! Click To Tweet

You see, readers are not going to find your Christian blog by osmosis. You cannot hit publish and then expect the masses to flood in. They need to know it’s out there! 

How do they know? By marketing your Christian blog using Pinterest, Social Media, and especially by SEO.

Marketing Christian Blogs – What is SEO?

Most people have heard of Pinterest and Social Media but may ask “what is SEO?”

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Essentially it makes up all the things that gets your site ranking on Google searches.

You see, Google may find your site in spite of itself but it likely won’t rank in the first few pages, where you really want it to be. People rarely look through the higher pages of Google and will stick to pages 1-3.

So how do you get yourself on page 1? SEO!

You need to optimize your site and your posts so that Google can easily determine what your blog is about and what your individual posts are about.

Why Do I Need SEO?

Think of Google like a big filing cabinet and your site as a file folder and your blog posts like individual files.

Google needs to know where in this “filing cabinet” your blog needs to go. What is it about? What’s your specialty? What is your cornerstone content?

Then once it figures that out through your site’s overall SEO, it will then take every blog post you write and figure out what folder that needs to be filed in. It does that based on keywords in your post and how well your post answers the query the user put into Google.

Without this information, Google may not know what to do with your site in its search engine! Or worse, it may decide your site just doesn’t answer the search query sufficiently and it can move you down in the rankings!

Worry less about how many times your keyword is in your post or whether you have a certain number of headers, etc., and worry more about making your post “epic content”. You want your post to answer someone’s question so well that they don’t need to access any other site to get what they were looking for!

Your SEO plugin is a guide and nothing more. It doesn’t feed anything into Google. It is merely there to help you optimize your content but don’t get hung up on getting a perfect score. If you are blogging about pasta and you mention spaghetti and rigatoni and ziti, guess what? Google is smart enough to know you’re talking about pasta!

Keyword stuffing is never a good idea. Mention your keywords where they make the most sense and flow naturally!

So how do you get to page 1? SEO! Click To Tweet

Choosing the right keyword phrase based on search volume and competition and making sure it fits your audience is WAY more important than the exact number of times it is in your post!

Christian Blogs for Women Should NEVER Forget Pinterest!

As I mentioned, people tend to look at Pinterest as a social media site. But it is truly a search engine. 

People find pins on Pinterest by searching for things they are interested in!

For instance, if I am looking for a recipe for baking homemade bread, I am not going to sit and browse my feed, waiting for those pins to appear. I am going to do a search for baking homemade bread! And it is through SEO that Pinterest knows which pins those might be!

So marketing your blog with SEO is important not only for your blog and your posts, but also the pins you create for them!

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SEO for Your Christian Blog – It’s Not So Bad

I know many people tend to want to hide their head in the sand when it comes to SEO because it seems SO daunting.

Marketing your blog can feel like a lot of work! After all, you just want to write! You don’t want to do all this keyword stuff!

But your writing is going to be such an encouragement to so many people and you want them to find it!

This is especially important if you plan on monetizing your site! The only way you will be able to earn money for your ministry or your business is by people knowing you’re there!

“If you build it they will come” may be a great line for a movie! But, in the blogging industry, it just doesn’t work!

At the end of the day, SEO is REALLY not that bad. I promise!

Once you know what needs to be done and how to do it, you will find it almost becomes second nature and you’ll plan your SEO as you write!

As Christian bloggers we tend to write from our hearts and share our stories so some people worry that writing for SEO will squash that creative process. But believe me, it doesn’t. Once you understand it, it can almost become second nature to plan it into your posts.

Then you will find that through marketing your blog with SEO that what you want to share with people will more easily reach the ones who need to hear your message or find your products!


  1. These are awesome tips for beginner bloggers. I know choosing a niche was so hard for me because I didn’t want to get stuck in a box but then realized becoming known for something was the best foundation my blog could have! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the links. I have got to find some time to take some courses on these things. But right now I barely have time to create content once a week!

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