Christian Book Reviews and Product Recommendations for 2021

When it comes to reading, there are few people enjoy it more (and in more variety) than Christian women! We tend to rely on Christian book reviews, like these, to help us find our next great read because we trust other women in the Christian community and we all have books we want to rave about! We also love to help faith-based businesses and enjoy using products that help deepen our faith and our walk with God.

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Product Reviews

God’s Fingerprints

Christian book and product reviews - God's Fingerprint
Christian book and product reviews - God's Fingerprint

I love Christian products so much and the more original the better! But this one absolutely floored me! I had seen the pictures of God’s Fingerprint but nothing prepared me for what I saw when I removed it from the box. Beautiful and awe-inspiring, it is truly a work of art. It is one verse from each book of the Bible, making up a hand-drawn fingerprint. 

About the Print

The print is 16″ x 20″ and the verse on the bottom is Genesis 1:1 (“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”) and it continues all the way to Revelation (“Hallelujah!”). It is truly God’s fingerprint as it is made up of His Word! It is truly stunning! I was prepared to run out and buy a frame for mine and then it arrived and I looked at it and thought “no…this needs a special frame.” It is THAT amazingly stunning.

God’s Fingerprints is a small, family owned business started by husband and wife, Jason and Laura.  You can read more about their story here on their site. It is truly a labor of love for them; love for each other and a love for God and His Word. I will be giving away one of these works of art on my Facebook page on December 1st so be sure to follow me and like my post and comment when it goes live on Black Friday. I will be selecting someone at random to receive this amazing print! And be sure to visit their website to learn more about God’s Fingerprints!  

Children’s Menorah

Janusz Korczak Menorah

I am absolutely in LOVE with this adorable children’s menorah from I was so excited when I opened the box and saw this menorah! It is so beautifully crafted and colorful! It literally makes your heart happy to look at it, and it is so well crafted that it should last for many years to come!  If you are looking for a children’s gift for Hanukah or any occasion, these personalized menorahs (Elisheva is my Hebrew name, my middle name Elizabeth) are a perfect choice! It is so beautiful I am going to keep it out on display in my living room all year long!  This would be an amazing heirloom for your children to pass down to their children since you can have it personalized with any name you’d like, including your family name! I want one for each of my kids!!

Christian Book Reviews

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t just read the Bible! There are tons of books out there that we enjoy, including romance, historical fiction, biographies, history, and yes, faith based books that can teach us about a topic like marriage or parenting. So here I will share with you some Christian book recommendations and reviews that will help you select the next books you can add to your library!!

Books in Progress

Royal – Life Lessons From the Book of Esther

Aminata Coote

Royal by Aminata Coote

Christian Book Reviews

I may have received a copy of the book to read for the review but was not compensated in any way! 

Habakkuk – A 6 Week Bible Study

In her 6 week Bible study on Habakkuk for women that incorporates both the book and podcasts that you can access online, Dannah Gresh helps women understand how Habakkuk is not unlike us. Much as we struggle with doubts, fears and wondering why God is not responding to prayer (or responding fast enough for us!) Habakkuk did as well.

Danna stresses remembering…remembering the faithfulness of God in the past. I know for me personally as I struggle through health concerns, I needed to remember how God has seen me through each and every time in the past and how He was the “other in the fire” with me as I had my stroke.

This remembering helps us gain that unique perspective on the trials and fears that we are experiencing, especially in 2020. God has always been faithful and He is a God who does not change.

As a Messianic Jew, I love to see studies that focus on the books of the Tanakh. Israel and its people had some unique struggles for sure. And while many of the things God spoke in His Word were spoken to specific people in scripture, the words tell us much about His character and that He is not a respecter of persons. What He does for one person, He can do for another. And while our own personal stories may look different, God is still God in both our lives.

Dannah has this study laid out in such a great way so each week you have things to meditate on and that help you do that remembering that is so key. Through this study you will gain such a new perspective on your relationship with HaShem!

Thank you Dannah for a great, meaty Bible study! I will definitely be sharing it with my email list as well as on social media! What a great resource for all of us right now as we go through trying times, individually and corporately!

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Surrendered Hearts

Lori Schumaker

Surrendered Hearts by Lori Schumaker

No page of Christian book reviews would be complete without this amazing book by my friend and fellow blogger, Lori Schumaker! Amazon description: “After years of waiting, obstacles, and miracles, the Schumakers brought their precious daughter home from a Bulgarian orphanage. The process nearly broke them, but in the end, with their faith strengthened, they grasped the true meaning of living surrendered and trusting in God.” As a foster parent, hearing about the Schumakers’ struggles , from massive amounts of paperwork to the seemingly endless processes and procedures is all too familiar to me. But this family handled every situation with grace! Their story is truly a love story God was continuing to write in their lives as little Selah joined their family. I have had the opportunity to chat a little with Selah on some calls on social media and she is the sweetest little girl with a heart that exudes the love of Jesus. If you are a parent, foster parent, adoptive parent (or soon to be), a grandparent…this book is for you!! Click on the image of the book to order your copy!  

She Dreams

Tiffany Bluhm

She Dreams Book

ir?t=live31 20u0026amp;language=en USu0026amp;l=li2u0026amp;o=1u0026amp;a=1501878328God has given us all dreams! We have passions in life and God wants us to follow those dreams He placed inside of us for His glory!

In this book,Tiffany shares stories from her own life and illustrates how God worked in her to seek out and fulfill the dreams He placed within her and how she overcame obstacles! Sometimes we don’t even know we have a passion or dream in life! But God knows what He has gifted us for and the purposes for which He wants to use us and eventually those dreams awaken in us and line up with Him and His will.

One of the things I really appreciated was she discussed social media and the tendency we have to compare ourselves to others. I wrote a post about comparison as a blogger and comparison in my personal life and how it is a real struggle for me, so I definitely related to that!

She also discussed it never being too late to go after your dreams! Oh how that resonated with me as someone who had a dream of writing since I was a child and gave it up for many years! Yet here I am, in my 50’s, writing again! So it is never too late when God places a dream and a purpose inside of you!

I highly recommend this book to not only all women, but in particular to young women! It is so important for the next generation to know that you have dreams for a reason and never let anyone put that fire in you out!!

Great book! I will be reading it again when I have more time to sit and take notes!!

Click on the image of the book to order your copy!  

Naked and Unashamed: A Guide to the Necessary Work of Christian Marriage

Naked and Unashamed book

 It isn’t often when I do Christian book reviews that I feel a book should be required reading. This book should absolutely be required for any engaged couple! I learned so much from this book and I learned so much more about my spouse through reading it!! It took me so much longer to get through this book than I anticipated because I stopped to highlight, take notes and add post-it notes to pages so many times. It was so full of amazing information I studied it rather than read it! How I LOVE books like that!! One of my favorite lines in the book, and one that really spoke to me about sharing things that may even seem, at the time, to be unimportant (only to find out later it DOES matter) is:

“If there are things in your life you cannot reveal to the person you are going to marry, not only are you implicitly saying that it’s okay to have secrets in this relationship but to that same degree, you are implying that you do not trust your partner.”

Wow!! I had to come to terms with the fact that I had held back from sharing some things…not because they were bad…but because I was embarrassed about them. This book has helped me to go back and experience my relationship in a new way!! And it has been so much fun!! It has been like a rediscovery!! If you are engaged (or one day want to be!!) get this book!! It will help you experience marriage in a way, and with a closeness, that many people miss. The exercises in this book are so helpful!! The Johari Window exercise really helps you discover yourself in a deeper way!! I plan on going back and reading this book again and making sure all my kids read this book before marriage!! Click on the image of the book to order your copy!  

Rise Up – Choosing Faith Over Fear in Christian Ministry

By Vanessa Myer

Rise Up by Vanessa Myers

This book has been such an incredible resource for me as I begin my ministry. After a year-long hiatus I decided it was time to get back into ministry and the fear immediately kicked in.

Thoughts like “you can’t do this”, “who are you to go into ministry?” “who is going to want to read what you have to say?” and more all began flowing through my mind.

I thought what if this is all me?  What if I WANT to be in ministry but I am kidding myself??

I began reading Vanessa’s book and the fear that was in me began melting away!  I realized I was SO not alone!!  It wasn’t ME!   She said,

“Maybe I am the one putting this passion and love of writing into my own heart.  Maybe I really want to succeed and give myself the glory.  How can I know for sure?”

That summed up everything I was feeling!!

Her story and how she worked through her fear with the Lord’s leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit helped me to face those fears with prayer and seeking God.  The prayers she includes after each chapter really spoke to my heart and I used them in seeking God and His will for my ministry.

I think this book should be required reading for anyone wanting to go into ministry that feels fear (and I think that is just about everyone!!)

Thank you Vanessa for sharing your heart and your struggles with us!!

Click on the image of the book above to order your copy!!    

His Word Alone

by Summer Lacy

His Word Alone by Summer Lacy

Go…go now and get this book!! This book was one of my very first Christian book reviews and I honestly have to say this book is one of the best I have ever read on this subject!! As soon as I started reading it I told my husband, “I LOVE this book already!!” It is a call to put down your Bible studies and pick up your Bible, but it is much more than that.  It is a step by step guide in how to do just that.  I could not put it down!! You see the author, Summer Lacy, doesn’t just tell you that you SHOULD do this…she tells you WHY and, more importantly, she tells you HOW.  Each chapter ends with an exercise for you to do, which many will find extremely helpful.

Bible Studies

It really makes you see how Bible studies, while valuable in their own way, can lead you to reading ABOUT the Bible through the lens of other people’s opinions and insights vs. what God wants to speak to YOU directly. 

The Bible is a book about God but it is also how God speaks directly to YOU and you lose that intimacy with the Word when you only get fed what other people took from it. It is a call to move away from being fed the milk of the Word and starting to feed yourself from the meat of it.

I am SO in love with this book, because this has been something I have been passionate about for a long time, that I am going to sit down and read it again.  I was writing notes in the margin before I ever got out of the Introduction!! 

The author writes beautifully and poignantly (with some humor along the way) so that it is actually a pleasure to read.  I have long been a person who goes directly to the Bible but I started off with Bible studies and I know personally the difference going directly to the Word has made in my life. 

God has spoken to me in so many ways because I was in His Word and He will do the same for you and this book is an excellent way to learn how if you are someone who has been intimidated by the Bible. I am linking the book below! 

Please consider getting a copy for yourself or for someone you know who could benefit from it. Thank you to Summer Lacy for giving me the opportunity to review this amazing book!  It was such a pleasure to read and I wish you great success with it.  

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