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3 Amazing Benefits of Starting Christian Lifestyle Blogs in 2021

Do you ever read all these Christian lifestyle blogs, parenting blogs or ministry blogs and think it’s something you could never do? I hear ya! I felt the same way at one time! In fact, I still do once in a while! Are Christian bloggers wanted? Yes! Are they needed? Oh, definitely! And you CAN do it!! I will share with you the benefits of getting started with a faith and lifestyle blog!

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Updated and republished from 3/13/2020

Christian Lifestyle Blogs – The Benefits of Blogging

As a new blogger, I would see all these amazing bloggers and think “Wow, that’s a lot of work! I don’t think I have the talent for it!”

Or maybe you think blogging is just a waste of time!

Maybe when you think of blogging, the images you conjure up are probably similar to a teenager writing in their diary. You know, the usual, cliched kind of “today tanked because I missed my bus and then…” sort of thing!

The reality, however, is that a faith and lifestyle blog is an incredibly dynamic hobby/business, that can yield tremendous benefits for both your personal and your work life.

Blogging is an incredibly dynamic hobby/business, that can yield tremendous benefits for both your personal and your work life. Click To Tweet

Here are just a few of the ways in which blogging can change your life and your ministry or business!

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3 Ways a Faith and Lifestyle Blog Benefits You and Others

1. Blogging Can Develop Your Personal Brand

When it comes to your professional or ministry life, the “brand” that you cultivate for yourself will be of the utmost importance!

 You want people to easily identify you, your product, ministry or service! There are some great themes out there to help make it easy!

If you have a business that also has a blog you can open up doors to new customers in a brand new way!

You become the subject matter expert and then, when they need your type of product or service, they will think of you!

A blog on your business site gives you a platform with which you can address topics important to your niche market, engage with your audience, share your know-how, and do what you can in order to craft your brand via your own words.

In ministry many times you ARE the brand! You share your own personal stories, struggles, and victories and your audience comes to identify with you!

Bloggers want to be and SHOULD be identified as a subject matter expert! You can be that go-to person for problem solving!

Customers want a business that can help them solve a problem or meet a need! Identifying your your ideal audience can help you meet those needs!

A faith and lifestyle blog may not be business related at all but the same concept applies; people are coming to you because they have a problem and they want someone to identify with them if not directly help them.

For people of faith, Christian lifestyle blogs fit that bill and get more of Jesus online!

2. Christian Lifestyle Blogs Can Help YOU Along the Way As Well

One of the major benefits of blogging as it relates strictly to your personal life is the extent to which it enables you to more or less have a “conversation” with yourself.

Have you ever heard instructors in some particular discipline say something along the lines of “if you want to learn this stuff really well, try to teach it to someone else”? The basic idea behind this rule is that in order to communicate an idea clearly, you must first become very comfortable and familiar with it yourself.

Blogging can behave in much the same way.

Perhaps you’ve had some ups and downs in your personal fitness journey, and you aren’t really sure of what’s gone wrong. You may decide to write a blog post sharing your struggles and mulling over your experiences. 

This is where Christian lifestyle blogging comes in! It is a great way to explore and find your niche, while sharing aspects from various parts of life!

Maybe you have a struggle with your faith!

Blogging allows you to share that struggle and not only help someone else who may be going through the same, but you can also sometimes find the answer God is trying to convey to you just by “talking” it out!  That has happened to me many a time!

Blogging also allows your audience to comment on your posts and maybe share some wisdom with you when they have gone through similar struggles!

It can be a great tool for consolidating your thoughts and discovering more about God and yourself!

3. Christian Lifestyle Blogs Can Give You a Sense of Community

Say what you like, but we humans are naturally social creatures, and we basically want to participate in groups that reflect our interests.

These days, some of the biggest platforms for discussion exist on the internet and Christian bloggers take advantage of those platforms and use them to connect with other bloggers as well as with their followers!

Blogging on a topic that interests you can, therefore, be an effective way of exploring those interests, joining in with a wider discussion, and connecting with others who are engaged with the same topics.

For those of us who blog on faith-related topics, we form a sisterhood with our fellow bloggers and our audience that we may not find elsewhere.

Many times, our followers are isolated. They may not have fellow believers in their lives to share in their faith. They may not have people in their lives they can go to for prayer. Possibly they may live in a country where being a Christian is not accepted!

Christian lifestyle blogs, parenting blogs, ministry blogs, etc., can provide that community for them, as well as reaching people for Jesus in places all over the world who may not be able to hear the Word in their own communities!

Blogging breaks down walls and bridges the miles to reach people for Jesus!

That, to me, is the most important and most compelling reason to start a faith blogging journey!

So I ask again; are Christian bloggers wanted? Oh yes! So why not start writing and share what God has done in your life?

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Other Benefits of a Faith and Lifestyle Blog

While we covered blogging as it pertains to everyone, professionals and hobbyists, there are other benefits to beginning a faith blog that are worth addressing.

Not every Christian chooses to monetize and that is a personal decision and one you should most definitely pray about. But blogging can open the door for you to earn an income.

Earning an income that helps support your blog if nothing else is beneficial. There are various ways to earn an income with Christian lifestyle blogs.

Ways to Earn an Income With a Faith and Lifestyle Blog

Ad Networks

You can earn an income by incorporating an ad network on your site. This is a great way to generate revenue because it really doesn't require you to do much work at all.

However, many ad networks require you to have a certain amount of traffic so be sure to see what their requirements are.

I highly recommend Mediavine as it is my own ad network, but again...be sure to check out the requirements of any network you consider.

Affiliate Marketing

If you have ever tried a product you loved and recommended it to a friend, you have basically done what is involved in affiliate marketing.

You simply find some great programs within your niche and share them with your audience. For doing so, the company pays you a commission without any cost to the customer!

You can find a list of over 200 affiliate programs for bloggers at Blogging Divas

This is when someone pays you to post about something (or place their post) on your site.

A review post might be an example, where they pay you to review their product.

Be sure to disclose the fact that it is a sponsored post on your site! You must always let your audience know that you have received compensation of any kind to write a post.

Creating and Selling Your Own Products

The best way to make money on your blog is to create products yourself and offer them to your followers.

Some people see this as being "salesy" but I can assure you, I have never gone to a blog where someone is selling a Bible study or a prayer journal and thought it was salesy.

Yes, sometimes emails can be salesy so be cautious about emailing your list that way. But if you just have an opt-in on your site for your product, that is not salesy at all in my opinion.

It comes down to intent. Are you doing it to provide value to your followers or just to make money?

For awesome blogging resources, visit my sister site, The Blogging Divas and our Resources for Christian Women Page

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  1. Yes to all this! I would never have thought of blogging as a viable option for me–and if I can handle the techy side of things, ANYONE can! One of the sweetest surprises has been the blessing of community among bloggers and the faithful love of my readers.

    1. Yes I agree!! The wonderful community of fellow bloggers has been such a huge blessing to me! And the readers…oh I don’t even have words to describe the joy I feel reading their heartfelt comments. It is such a blessing!

  2. This post is spot-on! I have seen so many benefits of starting my blog over a year ago, especially the encouraging community with fellow bloggers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. One of the things that surprised me most about blogging was the many generous and kind bloggers I met. I had no idea blogging was such a community-oriented activity. I have not been blogging very long (9 months), and I feel like I am still trying to find my voice. I didn’t set out to be a Christian blogger; I thought my blogs would be more running-focused, but that is just what sort of evolved.

    1. Yes it surprised me as well. There are so many wonderful, supportive bloggers out there. I have another post about blogging coming out tomorrow that talks a little about finding your voice as well!

  4. I’ve been a blogger for 15 years but I just started a Christian blog a few years ago and I don’t post regularly yet. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start one because I felt I didn’t know enough about the topic. But then I realized that I would learn as I wrote, as you said. Plus sharing my thoughts as a NEW Christian gives another viewpoint that those who were born Christian might not have thought of.

    1. You are absolutely right!! No matter the topic, you have experiences and insights someone else may not have!! Remember…an audience of one! Write for God but also write for that one person who may need to hear what you have to say!!

  5. I have been blogging since March, very randomly. I would love to become more active in my blogging, and I think being part of this site will help me do so.

    1. That is awesome Joanna!! I have two more posts on blogging coming out…one on Thursday and another on Friday so stop on by!!

  6. Thanks for the encouragement to blog! It’s definitely been a game-changer for me. I love the time alone to think and process my circumstances and then to interact with community.

  7. Thanks for the post and encouragement. Writing a Christian blog definitely has its benefits and can allow you to get your message and your thoughts out there to a wider audience. It is hard going though. Because it’s a kingdom work, Christian writers are probably more under attack from the enemy than other bloggers out there and can suffer from discouragement and often the desire to throw in the towel. I know I certain have felt that way many times. I have to remember that if this is the case, then it means that my posts are having some effect and advancing the kingdom.

    I would love to have a greater reach, but striving for that in my own strength means I’m not trusting in God but only in my own resources.

    1. I totally agree with you Robert. I cannot tell you how many times I have come under attack and wanted to just stop blogging. But you are right where God wants you and those attacks are evidence of that. What you are doing is amazing and God will definitely advance your reach! I am happy to help you in any way as well! I have a post coming out tomorrow that centers on blog promotion so maybe there is a tip or two in there that can help with some promotional ideas!

  8. Christian blogging has been such a wonderful ministry for and to me. I am so grateful for the community I’ve developed.

    1. Yes!! As a Christian blogger we don’t only get the opportunity to minister…we get to be ministered to!! Thanks Bailey!

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