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Do You Question Your God Given Gifts and Talents?

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Have you ever felt as though you had certain God given gifts and talents, but then questioned them because of what people have said about you or to you? Learn how to shut out the voices that tell you that you can’t when God has planted those gifts and talents within you!

A woman's hand stacking peach colored gifts on top of eachother and a text overlay that says Do You Question Your God Given Gifts and Talents?

Have People Made You Question Your God Given Gifts?

I had been writing since I was a small child.  I wrote my first “book” (unpublished of course) when I was about six years old. I would sit in my room for hours on end, writing plays and stories. I had a love for writing that just made me get lost in it.  This love of writing went on until I was sixteen.

Then one day, someone told me I couldn’t write.

They simply said it was a waste of time and I would never make anything of myself writing.  They essentially said I would never write in a way that would ever be of any benefit, to me or anyone else, and that I didn’t have enough talent for it to ever be a useful endeavor.

Because this was said by an adult family member, and in spite of the fact that this person had never read ANYTHING I had ever written, it stuck with me.

My mother and my sister raved about my writing and encouraged it. My sister even saved some of my writings for years! But this one person told me I couldn’t. So I put the pen down.

I didn’t write again for decades; not a single word. Decades!

Recently I opened up and shared my love of writing with my husband. I shared with him my dream of starting a blogging ministry for women so I could share my experiences, my hurts, my pain, in the hopes of helping someone.  I wanted to share the things I had learned over the years in the hopes of helping someone grow deeper in their walk with God.

I told him however that I didn’t believe I could do it. Oh, those old recordings coming back once again. The recordings that always seemed to say “You can’t…..”.

It was on a long car ride when we talked about it. He got excited about my dream. He gave me ideas and made ME get excited about it too.

After all this time, someone was encouraging me to take my love of writing and do something with it. Someone told me I COULD do something significant with it!!  Someone once again told me my writing was worth something and that I DID have the ability to make this happen!  

Using Your God Given Gifts

Isn’t it funny in an ironic sort of way that we can be told by multiple people that we have a gift, but one person can come along and make us question everything we know about ourselves? All the voices who tell us “you can…” can be silenced by the one who tells us “you can’t…”!

And we can go on, sometimes our whole lives, believing the lie of “you can’t”! But then one person comes along that we trust and believe enough to silence that voice and show us that not only do we believe in God but that He believes in us!!

I should have listened to God, but I was even doubting that HE even wanted me to write. Maybe I was meant to do something else? God has given each of us certain gifts..some of them spiritual and some of them of the innate kind that anyone could have regardless of their faith.

The enemy wants us to squander those gifts and those talents so that they never benefit anyone, least of all God and His Kingdom!


List of God Given Gifts and Talents

It would be impossible for me to list all the gifts and talents a person could have. But there is a list in God’s Word of the Spiritual Gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to us as believers:

Gifts of the Spirit

Each one of us in the body of Christ is given spiritual gifts. When we are saved and the Holy Spirit comes to dwell inside of us, we receive these gifts. No one inside the Church is omitted. We are all empowered by the Spirit with these gifts, although not the same gifts as our friends or family! Our gifts are given as God wills. We are all one body with different parts and different functions. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11:

“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord;  and there are varieties of activities, but it is the same God who empowers them all in everyone. 

To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. For to one is given through the Spirit the utterance of wisdom, and to another the utterance of knowledge according to the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by the one Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another the ability to distinguish between spirits, to another various kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. 

All these are empowered by one and the same Spirit, who apportions to each one individually as he wills.”

So while our gifts may not be the same, we are all given them if we are in Christ! So let no one ever convince you that you are not gifted in some way!

These are God given gifts that no man can take away from us! And these gifts are given to glorify God and to help and encourage one another! No matter what anyone says to you or about you, they cannot take these from you!!

Then there are other gifts!   

Inherent Gifts or God Given”Talents”

Inherent gifts are gifts you are born with. It doesn’t matter if a person is saved or unsaved, these are gifts they may naturally have.

Gifts such as these might be the gift of singing, the gift of speaking, the gift of teaching, and yes..the gift of writing.

We often refer to these gifts as “talents”. When someone is a great singer we often say they are “talented”. These are the things we just seem to be able to do without any formal training, etc.

They come naturally to us, regardless of whether we know God and have the Holy Spirit or not. These are in fact God given gifts but not the gifts of the Spirit. Whether you are saved or unsaved, you have certain talents!

Using Your God Given Talents to Glorify God

No matter if we are speaking of a gift of the Spirit or a talent you are born with or learn, we should use all of these to glorify God.

If you have a talent for singing, sing to glorify the Lord. If your gift is writing, write to glorify God! If your gift is encouragement, use it to encourage the body of Christ! If your gift is the discerning of spirits, use it to help the Church!

God gave us our gifts and talents to be used by Him, but the enemy often tells us we are not gifted and not talented.

He makes us believe his lies! He wants you to squander your talent, like I squandered my writing for so many years, by believing an ill-willed person. Sometimes it’s our own thoughts that tell us we are not good enough.

Maybe he can’t attack us that way because our talent is undeniable, so he makes us believe it is better suited for the world.

He plies us with money or fame so that we use our God given talents to glorify ourselves. There is nothing wrong with using your talents IN the world, as long as it is not the world or yourself you are glorifying!

At the end of the day, the enemy wants us to waste our gifts and talents as opposed to using them for God’s glory.

Have You Been Questioning Your God Given Gifts?

 As a blogger, I see other faith bloggers all too often question their calling. I do it myself even today!

We look at other bloggers and compare. We wonder if we really heard God’s call to write or if we are just following our own will.

I have seen such anointed singers nearly throw in the towel because of one failed audition. The enemy immediately makes them question their talent. They think maybe they’re not as good as they thought.

What God given gift or talent do you often find yourself questioning? Trust God! Trust that He will reveal to you your gifting!  Trust that when He does, He made no mistake!

No matter what people tell you, no matter what you tell yourself…trust God!  Don’t let the enemy or even other people stifle the wonderful God given gifts you’ve been blessed with!

Share in the comments if you’ve ever felt afraid to pursue a gift or talent because someone made you feel you couldn’t do it!


  1. Hi! Recently I have been questining God aboutmy talents, gifts, and confused about , and later I was emotioonal about, in the past before I come to know the Lord, I had a passion for art, and then after I felt like my talent dissapered, and my creativeness.:(
    Your post helped me! I have more hope know , can you please pray for me in this area, there are dreams that from when I was a little girl always imagined doing- like dancing, but I doubted myself.. my question is that probably from God? Thank you for your encouriging words, I will not lose heart ❤️!
    God Bless you!

    1. I will most definitely be praying for you! Yes it can be from God! There are some amazing dance ministries too! I know how you feel about creativity going…in the past two years I’ve learned I am so much more creative than I ever thought!! Keep pursuing those things and you will be amazed!!
      Bless you!!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words and addressing this topic. This is something that goes through my mind often. There’s always someone who will question our talents. This happens for a variety of reasons which are too long to go into here. It can be frustrating when other people actually recognise it, and especially if you are formally and officially recognised (eg you are even qualified in the area) but then someone who is in an influential position comes along and dismisses it and refuses to see it. I really could go on about this. I think I’m getting off the subject of your post though. I’ve actually been writing about this, because this is a subject so close to my heart, but I had so many thoughts that it became so long. I’m not sure I could contain it to a blog post and might have to turn it into an eBook instead.

    I do agree though that the enemy can easily try to subdue our talents and prevent us from using it for God’s glory. And that includes using others (even other Christians) to bury them.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments Robert and you’re so right!! I think you should definitely write about it! You could do either a multi-part post or do a little ebook you offer subscribers!! I’d love to read it!!

  3. Goodness, I can certainly relate to this post. I had a very similar experience growing up! When I was in high school, one of my teachers told me I was not smart enough to be in the Advanced English Class. I was devastated. I somehow managed to pull myself back up, and received the second highest mark in the school overall. I nearly let it stop me… but I had faith in myself. Thank you for sharing and reminding us to be strong 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I wish people really understood the power the words they speak have, especially over someone young and impressionable. But thankfully we can go on and overcome them as you did!!

  4. This post really resonated with me because I had a similar fascination with writing and also wrote books at a young age. I threw in the towel for many years thinking I wasn’t good enough. This article was a great motivator to keep on trucking. Thank you!

  5. Great post and the words are so true. Many of us don’t trust our talents or want to throw in the towel for some earthly stumbles. What a relatable topic and issue for so many believers!

  6. My story with writing is kind of similar to yours. I started writing at age twelve, wrote pretty much two books (which are being mashed up this November for NaNoWriMo), one of which my sister snooped through and ridiculed – before I had ever taken any creative writing classes. Those comments hurt and made me withdraw from writing original fiction and instead focus on writing fanfiction. I didn’t really give up writing, but I felt less confident in my own worldbuilding than I did playing in other authors’ sandboxes. I’m glad you’ve gotten back into writing, and I’m glad I’m getting back into original fiction 🙂

    1. I am so glad it didn’t deter you completely and hope that you are back to writing what you felt led to in the beginning!!

  7. It’s so easy to let one mistake or one lie or another person or even ourselves make us doubt our abilities. May we remember to look to God and trust Him and not let others deter us from following our callings. May we not compare with others, but use what God has given us for His glory! Blessings to you, Diane! I’m your neighbor at #TuneInThursday.

  8. Diane, thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us. This is such a crucial topic. Sometimes the lies I believe are my own. Thanks for the reminder that God has granted each of us gifts and for the inspiration to dust them off or uncover them and use them for His glory.

  9. Tha k you for this post! I’m struggling with this currently, because I’ve always had an incredible joy and fulfillment through singing, and have taken lessons for years through high school and college. As an adult, I sort of stuffed that desire down because it didn’t seem to fit into life after school. And I’m definitely not as good as a lot of other singers, but that joy is still there. Lately, after having two kids and being married for 11 years with no real musical outlet, I’ve begun to get back into singing, and brushing up on technique, picking up my guitar and practicing every day. But the better I get, the more I doubt myself and question if it’s all a waste of time. Your article has helped me realize that God really did put this desire in me, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to share it, even if it’s imperfect. I’m nervous, but I’m going to do it.

    1. Carrie I am SO blessed that you found it helpful. Believe me, it is SO easy to question these things. I don’t think a single day goes by that the question of whether or not I have what it takes to be a blogger doesn’t pop into my mind even though I have been doing it for 2 years. The enemy makes me compare myself to other bloggers and makes me feel I am not as good as they are. He will get right into your head with those lies if you let him. You just keep making music. God has given you a beautiful gift and the enemy wants nothing more than to stifle it! Share it and don’t worry about perfection! Perfection is the enemy of done!

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