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Homeschooling Resources

Worth Beyond Rubies is happy to announce that we are going to be providing courses and resources for homeschoolers (and even parents of children in traditional schools) who are looking ahead to college and preparing their children for college success!

Our courses and many of our resources will be provided to you by myself (a mom who is experienced with homeschooling) and my husband Dr. David Ferreira. Dave holds a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and is Provost at an online college and has worked at both 2 year colleges and graduate level colleges and universities as well.

I will also be featuring guest posts and resources from other homeschooling parents so look forward to that!

You will be getting insider’s guides and courses that will get your children on the path to college success!

Our posts and courses are being prepped as we speak and if you would like to be informed when these resources are available, sign up below and you will get email updates, free resources and more!

If you are a homeschooling parent and would like access to free resources, guides and events (including a homeschooling co-op) join us over at the Outta Box Homeschooling Community on Facebook!

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Homeschooling Resources

Homeschooling, especially if you find yourself having to do it due to the pandemic, can be tough and you shouldn’t have to go it alone!

We will provide you will some great homeschooling resources to help you along the way, whether you are homeschooling a small child or a child about to enter college!

In addition to Dr. Dave Ferreira, you will get me! I am a former full time homeschooling parent and am currently homeschooling my teen part time! In addition, I am currently enrolled in a Seminary Master’s program so I will be able to add in my two shekels and help you along the way!

This is a new addition to the site so we are currently preparing to publish content for you so please, be sure to sign up below for updates and for free resources that we will only offer to our email besties!