Messianic Judaism in Jewish-Christian Relations

One of my greatest honors and pleasures so far during my time in Seminary was to study with Dr. Jen Rosner at the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute. She is an incredible teacher and such an amazing individual. So when I saw this webinar on Jewish-Christian relations, I had to watch it!

It can be difficult for people who are not familiar with Messianic Judaism, or Judaism in general, to see how Jews and Christians relate to one another as one body of believers with distinct identities and what the challenges are.

In this webinar hosted by The King’s University and Gateway Center for Israel, Dr. Rosner does an amazing job explaining these contributions and challenges in a way that I think clarifies them beautifully, which is why I share this with you.

I will also share with you when Jen’s new book comes out as I think you all should read it!

You can also get some of the books Dr. Rosner mentions in her webinar, when available, here:

The Partings of the Ways

Understanding the Jewish Roots of Christianity

Jews and Christians – People of God

Christianity in Jewish Terms

Healing the Schism

Introduction to Messianic Judaism (This was one of my textbooks for my course with Dr. Rosner and it was an amazing book and also contains an essay by my friend and teacher, Rav Carl Kinbar)

Messianic Judaism in Jewish-Christian Relations with Dr. Jen Rosner