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Hey friend! I’m so glad you’re here…

Life can be difficult, can’t it? There are so many things that seek to hold us back from God’s best in our lives. But I’m here to tell you that regardless of what obstacles come your way, God’s Word is your answer!
That is why I have compiled some of my best studies and resources for you here! To help you grow deeper in the Word, in prayer and in study!

Be sure to check out the store below and, when you’re done, also visit our Besorah Learning Center for our courses!

Gratitude Challenge and Journaling Pack (with Daily Biblical Affirmations for Moms)

Three pages of a gratitude journal pack on a wooden table next to a cup of coffee and text that says Gratitude Challenge and Journaling Pack With Daily Biblical Affirmations for Moms and the Worth Beyond Rubies logo in the corner

In this Gratitude Challenge and Journaling Pack you will get a 30 Day Gratitude Challenge calendar as well as a printable sheet that will help you find ways you can show gratitude each day. In addition, you will get a Gratitude and Bible Study Journal mini-pack that you can print out and use each day. And as a bonus, you will get Daily Biblical Affirmations for Moms of Faith!

Mussar –

Mussar is a word that may sound strange to many believers who have never heard it before but you HAVE heard it…in the Bible in fact. You probably heard it MANY times. You have just heard it in English.

The word “Mussar” appears in the Bible 51 times in Hebrew, with over half of them in the book of Proverbs.

The basic premise behind this centuries-old practice is that it is not enough to learn that it is important to show loving-kindness to another person or to learn that patience is a virtue. That “head” knowledge does not give you the traits of loving-kindness or patience. Learning ABOUT kindness does not make us more kind. Learning about patience does not make us more patient.

But working on our “spiritual curriculum” and working through this with others while you share your stories and your own difficulties not only helps you come together as a community but it helps you to strengthen those traits in yourself AND in others.

spiritual traits wheel

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Our E-Books will consist of both new content and also content that is found in some of our blog posts but readers have expressed a desire to have in printable formats so that they can reference them time and time again, as well as read without ads or pop-ups!

This section is brand new so we will be populating it with more E-Books over the coming week!

More Courses On Our New Learning Site

Worth Beyond Rubies is happy to announce that we have a new sister site for courses and discipleship!

This site is the Besorah Discipleship Learning Center and we are currently holding Mussar sessions on Thursday evenings on Zoom, and we are preparing Biblical Hebrew classes for beginners that will begin at the end of April/beginning of May.

Click on the image to visit Besorah and be sure to sign up for the newsletter there so you can be notified when new classes are added!

Besorah Learning Center Logo

Expert Advisors

We will have some advisors who will help along the way as we design courses that will benefit you.

I have a Rabbi who has agreed to act as an advisor for me and will help give me theological and Biblical guidance as we design our courses.

We will also feature guest speakers and authors who will come join us via YouTube interviews or going live in our upcoming Facebook group (details on that group to come soon) so that you can learn from them and learn more about their books!

We also have Dr. David Ferreira, who has his Doctorate in Education and who is a College Provost. He has agreed to help us with course design so that you get the most out of all the courses we offer.

Even though this will not be a school, we want to do the best job possible in helping you learn.

The courses you see below right now are not part of the Learning Center but are here for you to enjoy. Once the Learning Center is live, we will have a different format here. Be sure to join our newsletter to be notified of when it does go live!