Modern Hebrew for Beginners - Greetings
Messianic Judaism

Beginners Hebrew for Christians and Messianic Jews: Greetings

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Welcome to this first lesson in beginner’s conversational modern Hebrew for Christians and Messianic Jews!

Modern Hebrew for Beginners - Greetings

Beginners Hebrew for Christians and Messianic Jews – GREETINGS

This lesson’s audio is available for download at the end of the page

Hebrew Vocabulary From Audio

Shalom – Hello/Peace
Ani Diane – I am Diane (Ani ____)
Ma Shlomcha – How are you? (Masculine)
Ma Shlomech – How are you? (Feminine)
B’seder – Ok (I’m ok – Fine)
Toda – Thank you or thanks
Toda raba – Thank you much
Toda raba lecha – I thank you (Masculine) – I use when I am giving a lot of thanks…more formal
Toda raba lach – I thank you (Feminine) – I use when I am giving a lot of thanks…more formal
Bevakasha – You’re welcome
Lehitraot – Goodbye

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Download this lesson’s audio here Conversational Hebrew


    1. Great to know! Thank you Bonnie!! Stay tuned because I will work on trying to find the best format to teach it (free) and I will likely post about it in the next one!

  1. I love listening and will share this. I have done Hebrew on my blog this month, tried not to make it difficult. I am familiar with a lot but do not speak it or read it. And me with a Ga. peach accent.

  2. What a blessing that you are able to bring the richness of your Jewish roots into your Christianity! Thanks for sharing this, and it’s great to read words from another New England girl!

  3. The Hebrew language has always intrigued me. I need to hear it spoken so I can learn to speak it correctly. This is pretty awesome.

    1. Thank you Candy!! I am glad you enjoyed it!! I love teaching it (and speaking it…I dont get much opportunity to speak it since no one else around me does LOL)

  4. This was really interesting…I enjoyed listening to your instruction and the information regarding the different meanings behind the words and phrases!

  5. Ah, I love this! My dad is Jewish and although we don’t have Jewish community here in the Netherlands (few Jewish people, we do have a Synagogue though) I feel really connected. My dad talks a lot about is life in the US as a boy and I love his stories.

    1. That’s amazing Johanne!! How awesome that you have those stories!! I miss my grandmother for that reason…among many other reason of course!

  6. Diane, I’ve written a bible study on the Hebrew names of God, and have always wanted to learn Hebrew. Hearing it like it looks like you are doing this, just might work for me. My husband and I plan a trip to Israel in 2019. It would be awesome to be able to actually speak Hebrew!! Wow. I’m excited!!

    1. That is so awesome Ann!! I am glad it may work for you in this way!! I so enjoy doing it because I just don’t get the opportunity to use it much and if I don’t use it, I lose it LOL I already find myself sometimes messing up the final letters in a word when I read it because I just haven’t done it enough so you all are also giving me an opportunity to keep it fresh in my brain!! LOL

  7. Yes and yes❣ My precious husband of 41 years walked into the arms of Yeshua two years ago and he was so precious when he would correct my attempts to speak any Hebrew! His bar mitzvah verses would come out flawlessly! I have a devotional of the Hebrew Names of God by Barri Cae Mallin Seif that I have used year after year in my quiet time! I love it so because she gives the pronunciation with each one and it is soooo rich to say it aloud. I am also attempting Zola Levitt’s Introduction to Hebrew by John Parsons’ workbook. I too hope to go to Israel next year or the year after. So I am delighted to hitch a ride into the wonders of the most beautiful language of all! Thank you for your delight to help others enter in!

    1. Beverly thank you so much for sharing about your wonderful husband! I am so glad that you are learning to speak Hebrew!! There is just something about it that gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. It truly is a special language! So I am so happy to help teach it to others!!

  8. Just found your Website and Sign me up!! I love this and am EXTREMELY interested in learning Hebrew!! I’ve been wanting to learn it for years. Thank You so much for your time and all your work on this.

    1. I am so glad you found it!! I am working on more lessons throughout July and will have some new content in August!

    1. That’s awesome!! I hope you’ll be joining us for the course! The sign up is on the Hebrew for Beginners page on the top menu of you haven’t already!

  9. This was so enjoyable, learning something I have always wanted desperately to learn. Thank you for making it so much fun, my hope one day is to be able to read Hebrew Bible. Thank you so much

  10. I am so glad I found this. I have been trying to teach myself Hebrew for a while. I want to enrich my understanding of the Biblical text. I am also trying to learn more about the culture for Biblical context. Thank you fo this!

  11. Hello : )
    I found your page a couple days ago from a post I saw on Pinterest. I am hoping to learn Hebrew to be able to read the Hebrew Bible and to be able to speak Hebrew.

    1. Hi Melinda…I am glad you found the page. I am going to be doing more Hebrew after the summer. In the meantime, my friend Izzy has an amazing site where you can learn Biblical Hebrew and learn the letters and their in depth meanings in the way they are written today as well as in the scrolls and his site is It is amazing and so is he!

      1. Thank you! I’ll check his site out. Just a heads up I sent you an email earlier today asking if you had any more lessons.I didn’t realize you had replied here. Thanks again. I am learning quite a bit.

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