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Bibles for the Visually Impaired – Plus Bible Journaling Tips!

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As someone with very bad eyesight (and getting worse each year), I am all too familiar with how difficult it can be to find a physical Bible that is easy to read and journal in. Bible apps just don’t help for those of us who enjoy Bible Journaling! Here I will share some great journaling Bibles for the visually impaired to help with both study and journaling, plus tips for Bible journaling when you have difficulty seeing smaller print ! I’ve included various translations!

Just because you have poor eyesight, like me, doesn’t mean you cannot journal in the Word! We just have to make some adjustments! The right Bibles for the visually impaired can make all the difference and you do not have to miss out on the fun of journaling!

Bibles for the Visually Impaired - Woman holding up glasses with text overlay that says Tips for Bible Journaling When You Have Poor Vision

Tips for Bible Journaling When You Have Poor Vision

I love journaling, but illustrating can be tough when you can barely see the page! My eyes literally feel heavy within minutes!

There are some practical Bible journaling tips you can use when you do have very poor vision!


Bible Journaling Tips – #1 Use Good Lighting

Make sure your lighting is good! Don’t try to journal in a darker room because your eyes will have to strain that much more to see the page. You already experience strain, so make it a bit easier on your eyes!

One way to do this is with a reading light you can attach to the Bible. It will shine the light right down on the area you need and is a great way to supplement the lighting in the room!

Bible Journaling Tips – #2 Take Frequent Breaks 

One of the best tips for Bible journaling when you have poor eyesight is don’t spend too much time reading and journaling all at once. Take a break every 15-20 minutes and focus your eyes on something else. Let them take a brief rest! Or you could even just break up your journaling times throughout the day so that you are only spending 15-20 minutes on it at any given time!

But if you want to do it all in one sitting, make sure you give your eyes that break.

Bible Journaling Tips – #3 Use Readers

This one works great for me when I am focusing on small details. They magnify the page for you so that your eyes don’t have to work so hard to see!

There are some great ones available! Just don’t forget to remove them when you look up from the page!

You can also use a magnifying lens instead! These allow you to read the text in a way that causes less strain, however it might be difficult to use while journaling! In those cases, readers are definitely the way to go!


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Journaling Bibles for the Visually Impaired

If you are like me and enjoy Bible journaling, you know how quickly you can feel that eye strain! Between reading the Word and illustrating or writing down your thoughts, your eyes just begin to feel pain. I know I quickly get a headache from it!

Here are some great journaling Bibles for the visually impaired in various translations! Just click on the book image for more information!

KJV, Journal the Word Bible, Large Print, Bonded Leather, Brown, Red Letter Edition: Reflect, Journal, or Create Art Next to Your Favorite Verses

KJV Journal the WordThe KJV Journal the Word™ Bible, Large Print allows you to creatively express yourself every day with plenty of room for notes or verse art journaling next to your treasured verses. With unique and sophisticated covers, this single-column large print edition features thick cream-colored paper with lightly ruled lines in the extra-wide margins, perfect to reflect on God’s Word and enhance your study.






Inspire PRAISE Bible Large Print NLT (Hardcover LeatherLike, Purple): The Bible for Coloring & Creative Journaling

Bibles for the Visually ImpairedThe bestselling Inspire Bible is a beautiful single-column, wide-margin New Living Translation coloring and creative journaling Bible that has become a treasured legacy Bible for many. The Inspire PRAISE Bible has even more beautiful line-art illustrations to color, with nearly 500 all-new full- and partial-page Scripture illustrations attractively displayed throughout the Bible. Inspire PRAISE includes thirty-two colorful and beautifully-designed transparent praise-themed journaling pages to enhance your coloring and creative journaling journey through the Bible.





KJV, Beautiful Word Bible, Large Print, Hardcover, Red Letter Edition: 500 Full-Color Illustrated Verses – One of my Favorite Bibles for the Visually Impaired

Bibles for the Visually ImpairedBe drawn into God’s Word through a fresh, creative expression of the beautiful words of God. Crafted on high-quality paper and balanced with inspiring full-color art and blank space, the KJV Beautiful WordTMBible, Large Print will encourage a deeper and more authentic quiet time. With 500 verses illustrated to help you see the rich diversity of stories, characters, prophecies, rewards, and hope contained within Scripture, you will discover wisdom to sustain you in every season, drawing you deeper into God’s life-changing and inspired Word. I love this one personally and it is one of my favorites!





Inspire Bible Large Print NLT (Hardcover LeatherLike, Tranquil Blue): The Bible for Coloring & Creative Journaling – Another One of my Favorite Bibles for the Visually Impaired

Bibles for the Visually ImpairedI have this Bible and I love it! The Inspire Bible is now available in large print! Enjoy all of the cherished features from the Inspire Bibleplus enlarged text for a comfortable reading experience and larger illustrations for coloring! A much-anticipated extension to the Inspire Bible line, this beautiful resource is for people wanting to connect to Scripture through art but who have a hard time reading the smaller text in other wide-margin Bibles, or who prefer a larger canvas for coloring and adding original art. The large-print Inspire Bible offers even more space for notes and illustrations in the extra-wide margins, along with a large, readable 10.8-point text font. The large-print version is the same as the original Inspire Bible, but it augments the beauty of the features with even bigger line-art illustrations to color and ample blank space for creating.



Praise: A Creative Journaling Bible KJV

Praise - A Creative Journaling BibleGo deeper in your faith with Praise, a King James Version Bible that encourages quiet moments with God. This Creative Journaling Bible invites you to immerse yourself in His Word as you stop to color and personalize the most moving passages of Scripture. With three hundred elegant illustrations of thought-provoking Bible verses drawn by artist Laura Elizabeth Marshall, you can celebrate the glory of God and reflect on His teachings one artful verse at a time. Fill the lines in the oversized margins with your notes, your prayers, and your questions so that you may experience the Bible in a more personal and meaningful way.




NKJV, Journal the Word Bible, Large Print, Cloth over Board, Blue Floral, Red Letter Edition: Reflect, Journal, or Create Art Next to Your Favorite Verses

Bibles for the Visually ImpairedDo you underline Bible verses, take notes during sermons, or express your thoughts through journaling? The New King James Version Journal the Word™ Bible – Large Print is an indispensable resource for anyone who enjoys using pen and paper to capture the message. This unique Bible features extra-wide lined margins, thick paper, and a single-column structure with elements specifically designed for easy journal reflection or note taking. Its large print ensures a comfortable reading and writing experience as you grow in and reflect on your Christian life.

Offered in beautiful hardcovers and leather cover options, this product is excellent for a gift or treasured personal keepsake.



Bibles for the Visually Impaired Make It Easy to Enjoy Journaling

Just because our eyesight may not be what it ‘used to be’ and we may have some visual impairment, doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy journaling as much as anyone else! Yes, we may have to make some adjustments and that is ok!

You do not have to consign yourself to Bible apps where you can adjust the size of the font! Pick up a great large print Bible and journal away!

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