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My name is Diane and I am a wife and mom, a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus), a Seminary student working toward a Masters in Jewish Studies and yes, a blogger! I launched Worth Beyond Rubies in late June 2018 to encourage women because I had always enjoyed writing since I was a little girl.

In fact, my mother thought I would be an author one day! I wrote my first “book” (a story about a frog) at the age of 6. Since launching Worth Beyond Rubies, I am also working on a new site for women centered around the home, the family and homeschooling as well.

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Meet Diane

I have been a believer since 1996. I wish I had an amazing testimony story to share with you but I don’t. I had pretty much always believed in Yeshua.

As I mentioned, I am a Jewish believer and have never known life without Yeshua in it in some way, shape or form. My faith walk took a lot of detours but I always had faith in Yeshua since was little and would line up my dolls on my bed and teach them all about the Lord!

I Write to Encourage Women (and yes, men too!)

I write about Bible study, prayer, spiritual growth, as well as issues facing women today that they may struggle with. Some of these issues are identity, fear, anxiety and how none of these make you “spiritually lacking” in any way.

I even write about spiritual warfare and how to recognize an attack from the enemy and what to do about it.

My greatest desire is to give encouragement and hope to women.

I Write About the Jewish Foundation of Our Faith

My grandmother was 100% Ashkenazi and my grandfather was gentile. He and my grandmother (mostly he) decided to let their daughters choose their faith for themselves and so my mother was not raised solely within Judaism although certainly it was part of her life as my Grandmother and all of her family was Jewish. My mother, growing up in the 1940’s, had experienced the vitriol and hate that comes with being Jewish and so she was afraid to identity herself as such throughout her life. But I have always had a deep connection with Judaism through the faith of my grandmother, my sister (who had married a Jewish man), my aunts, uncles, and cousins.

So any conversation about me will include my love for Judaism and Jewish tradition. It was just part of my life from as far back as I remember.

So I hope you will let me share some of my learnings with you!

I attend the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute’s graduate program and I also attend classes at the New School for Jewish Study.

I have studied with prominent Rabbis and teachers in the Messianic Community such as Rabbi Paul Saal, Rav Carl Kinbar, Rabbi Tony Eaton, Rabbi Dr. Vered Hillel, Dr. Jen Rosner, Rabbi Joshua Brumbach, and taken various classes with Rabbi Nathan Joiner, Rabbi Stuart Dauermann, Rabbi Russ Resnick, Dr. Rachel Wolf, and Richard Harvey.

I have also trained in the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations’ Lay Cantor Program with Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook.

What is Messianic Judaism Anyway??

According to the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC), “Messianic Judaism is a movement of Jewish congregations and groups committed to Yeshua the Messiah that embrace the covenantal responsibility of Jewish life and identity rooted in Torah, expressed in tradition, and renewed and applied in the context of the New Covenant.”

Let’s Connect

I am so honored and humbled that you chose to visit my site and I hope that you find it encouraging and informational. I also thank you for taking the time to learn more about me!

Thank you for visiting and know I am praying for all my followers each day!

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