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My name is Diane and I am a wife and mom, a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus), a Seminary student working toward a Masters in Jewish Studies and yes, a blogger! I launched Worth Beyond Rubies in late June 2018 and I love sharing the Jewish roots with my readers!

Diane Ferreira of Worth Beyond Rubies

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Spiritual Warfare

Learn More About Spiritual Warfare, Fear and Anxiety and how to face the trials we go through in life. The Bible tells us to put on the armor of God so that we can withstand the enemy. Learn how!

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Spiritual Growth

Grow in your walk with the Lord through the Word and Prayer! Find encouragement and spiritual growth and learn how to dig deeper into God’s Word and experience God and your relationship with Him in a deeper and richer way!

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If you are a faith blogger, especially a new one, it can be difficult to navigate all the info out there! Here you will find some articles with info to help you navigate the world of blogging without all the stress that comes with starting from scratch!