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I am Diane, the founder of Worth Beyond Rubies and a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Messianic Jew)!
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Learn To Rest In His Love

As a Jewish believer, I love to share about the beauty of Judaism and our Jewish Messiah, including sharing about the Torah, Tanakh, additional writings. the Sabbath and the Biblical Festivals. Whether you are a Messianic Jew or a Christian who just wants to learn, you will find something of interest at Worth Beyond Rubies!

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God Hears Our Prayers – Answers To 4 Important Questions About Prayer

Often people wonder if their prayers have been heard by God. You hear God answers prayers but you may have been praying for healing, praying for the salvation of a loved one, or praying for a job or relationship and felt like your prayers weren’t heard. So does God answer prayer?

Read on and learn more about how God views prayer and how He responds.


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