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My name is Diane and I am a wife and mom, a Jewish believer in Yeshua (Jesus), a Seminary student working toward a Masters in Jewish Studies and yes, a blogger! I launched Worth Beyond Rubies in late June 2018 and I love sharing the Jewish roots with my readers!

Diane Ferreira of Worth Beyond Rubies

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Do you long to study the Bible in a deeper way, digging in to scripture and learning the history behind its people and places?

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Messianic Judaism

Learn More About Messianic Judaism and how to practice your faith if you are a Jewish believer, as well as information for Christians to learn about their Jewish Messiah and the Tanakh, Mishna and other writings.

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Worth Beyond Rubies is happy to announce we have begun adding a section where we will have articles and resources for homeschoolers of all ages, including those who are looking ahead to college!

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If you are a faith blogger, especially a new one, it can be difficult to navigate all the info out there! Here you will find some articles with info to help you navigate the world of blogging without all the stress that comes with starting from scratch!

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How to Stop Questioning What God Says in His Word

How to Stop Questioning What God Says in His Word

Since the beginning of time, people have been questioning what God says! They questioned His Word when it was spoken directly to them and we question it today as we read and study the Word.  We love to quote motivational and encouraging verses because they feel good to us, but sometimes we struggle with the…