1. I love the way God helped you look beyond your pain and suffering and minister to someone else. There is a joy that comes when you help others, encourage others despite your own pain. Thanks for sharing this story.

    1. Thank you so much!! It definitely helps to get your mind off your own pain and focus on what someone else is going through. I needed that!

  2. I have learned that valuable lesson in so many ways. I have a small tent on my desk, hand written stating,”What assignment do you have for me today?” It prompts me to keep my eyes alert to what God is doing and how He wants me to join Him. Bless you for this powerful testimony.

  3. Encouraging another is not only the best medicine, it reminds me God is in the details and that even when I’m discouraged, He deigns to use me. tweeted

  4. I just LOVE this story every time I read it! I love how it unfolded. I love how it ended. I love everything about it. It is exactly the message I want to get across in The Heart That Heals. God has you here for a purpose. Seek that purpose. Go after it. Look for someone to encourage and to be a comfort to. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you so much Patsy!! I love how God writes these stories in our lives and weaves them into the lives of others. He is just such an amazing Father!!

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