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Giving Grace to Others – Driving Me Crazy!!

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Giving grace to others has never been my strong suit in the natural! I admit, sometimes extending grace is not even my strong suit as a believer! So let me start off by introducing myself….
An image of a woman's hand showing a lime green sleeve and an animal print watch and she has her hand on the horn of her car with a text overlay that says "Giving Grace to Others When They're "Driving" You Crazy!!


Hi, I am that crazy New Yorker who gets aggravated by everyone on the road and wishes you all stayed home. Yeah, THAT one! Nice to meet you!

No really, I grew up in New York and learned to drive there and this was BEFORE I was saved, so I am not 100% sure my driving is saved yet! But that is for another post.

Giving Grace to Others When Y’all Are Testing My Patience!

I am firmly convinced the Lord is trying to teach me patience and He is doing it every time I get behind the wheel of my car. Every time I venture out of my house it is like I become the main character in some twisted video game.

Oh, look out, “Barbara Belowthespeedlimit” is slamming on her breaks to avoid killing that falling leaf 1/4 mile away!

Oh no, here comes “Teresa Texter” on her phone alongside you, so be careful to slam on your horn really hard when she glides ever so gently over into your lane.

Watch out! Here comes “Sammy Speed Racer” behind you! He’s on your tail expecting you to speed excessively so he can get to his Impatient People’s Anonymous Meeting!

Oh and for bonus points, here is “Roger Rightturnfromthelefthandlane”! Be sure to avoid T-boning him as he crosses your path!!


Extending Grace Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Yes, as I said, I learned to drive before I became a believer and my seeming intolerance for bad driving is still being dealt with by the Lord. Can you all say a prayer for me!!??

You see, my old flesh didn’t just suddenly cease to exist when I got saved.

It definitely underwent some very serious changes. I mean, I don’t yell at people out the window anymore so there’s that! Yeah, I used to do that back in the day! Not my proudest moments I can assure you!

But as a believer, I want to keep it real for you.

Giving grace to others involves stepping outside yourself long enough to forget the little inconveniences in life, and that is not easy for me to do in the natural!

Showing Grace – His Mercies Are New

We don’t just change overnight. We don’t just wake up one day and starting giving grace to others in all situations!

While I make an attempt every day to have my old self buried, it has a resurrection every now and then, usually behind the wheel of a certain Jeep Renegade.

It is a good thing His mercies are new every morning because I am pretty sure I exhaust much of mine the day before!

“…that the grace of Adonai is not exhausted,
that his compassion has not ended.
On the contrary, they are new every morning!
How great your faithfulness!”
Lamentations 3:22-23 CJB

But while I try to keep this article humorous (and honest) for you, realize that each time I get into the car it is truly a lesson in extending grace.

You see, God is teaching me, from grace to grace, how giving grace to others is so important to the heart of God.

An image a woman with long brown hair sitting up in bed facing windows with her arms up stretching and Lamentations Lamentations 3:22-23 CJB quoted - Giving Grace

God uses opportunities like these ‘video game moments’ behind the wheel to show me that I too do things that (dare I say) annoy others!

What??!! Me??!! Annoying?? Uh, yes! Very much at times! As I said, loud, opinionated New Yorker here!

Putting A Face On Grace

God uses these moments, more so nowadays than others thankfully, to teach me about giving grace to others.

To be more understanding. To put myself in the flip-flops of others (oh I love flip-flops!).

He teaches me that putting a face on grace, allowing myself to see the person and not just the situation, can actually go a long way in reducing our own stress!

Extending grace becomes easier when we stop to consider what might be going on in the lives of other people and not just focusing on our own lives. 

That woman that suddenly slams on her brakes? Maybe she had a car accident recently and is still a little nervous on the road.

Teresa Texter in the lane next to me? Maybe she just found out a loved one is in the hospital and is rushing there while fielding calls from family members.

Sammy Speed Racer? Maybe his wife is in labor and is rushing to her side.

Roger Rightturnfromthelefthandlane? Maybe he is new in town and is still trying to find his way around.

You see, we all get in our bubbles sometimes and make assumptions that people are being rude or ignorant.

And yes, that may well be the case at times. But sometimes, just once in a while, it is simply people trying to get by in life.

Giving Grace – Give Gap Get Gap

Giving grace to others in the same way we want grace extended to us when we are having a rough time and make mistakes, that same grace we are blessed to have God extend to us when we slip up, is what He desires!

We don’t know what is going on in someone’s life. So why not assume the best of people instead of the worst? This advice has never been more necessary than it is today!! We have the opportunity to be giving grace to all the people around us right now!

I once heard the phrase “Give gap, get gap” in reference to giving adequate space between cars on the highway, but it is a good life lesson in giving grace as well.

Let’s be sure to give a little gap so we get some in return when WE need it.

Oh, and if you see a crazy New Yorker in a white Jeep Renegade in Northwestern Connecticut, honk and wave hello! It’s likely me!

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  1. A couple things:

    1. Pretty sure you were in my head when you wrote this post! (Except, sometimes, I admit, I drive like a granny… oops. ??‍♀️)
    2. I drive a Jeep Renegade, too! Except it’s bright red.
    3. That particular verse from Lamentations has been on my heart since last week. It’s nice to visit other posts and see the scriptures you’ve been thinking about!
    And 4. Thanks for the giggles! And the lesson here!

    1. LOL Happy to meet another Rene girl!! I am so glad it made you laugh and that it resonated with you!! I try my best to laugh at myself and if I can take others with me, even better!! LOL

  2. I grew up driving in California. Now I am up in Alaska where everyone drives on ice like it’s the Ice Capades. Thanks for such a fun read!

  3. It is why there is worship music. We need it to stay in our lane. Come and drive over our spaghetti junction or get lost on 285 and go round and round Atlanta, just kidding.

  4. I’m a new yorker who now lives in southern California where they drive like they don’t have sense. My driving too is not saved, but it’s getting there and it surely has taught me to extend grace.
    I’m your neighbor at grace and truth linkup.

  5. I needed to read this today and while it definitely gave me a good laugh (as this is me as a New Yorker too) I hear God all is what you wrote and it was something I needed for my Father to work in me again. Thank you

  6. My husband has the same problem but the Lord is not in it with him. (Still praying for him.) Sometimes I feel the same way but for the most part, I just ask God to get those types of drivers out of my way and I also try to realize they may be going through something terrible and aren’t concentrating on their driving.
    It’s not easy, but as you said it teaches us patience.