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12 of the Best Teen Bibles for the Precious Girls in Your Life

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I am a mom that has raised teen girls and I still have two, ages 14 and 17. There is so much in the world competing for our kids’ attention these days. How can you offer the best encouragement for teenage girls in your life? No better answer than the Bible! I believe giving the best teen Bibles out there helps teens navigate the difficult roads of life and are one of the most precious gifts we can give to our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, friends, to offer encouragement, hope, joy and to know the love and blessings of God.

A young girl with long dark hair wearing a white tank top and jeans, sitting on a couch reading a book and a text overlahy that says 12 of the best teen Bibles for the precious girls in your life - includes some devotionals and Bible studies

Best Teen Bibles to Encourage The Girls in Your Life

Face it, if you have teenage girls in your life, you know how difficult gift-giving can be. It seems like overnight they went from making wish lists a mile long to not being able to give you one idea!

The most popular answer I get from my teens when I ask what they want for birthdays or Christmas is “I don’t know.”

Either they really don’t know or just don’t want to commit to something, I haven’t quite figured out which! Then it seems like magically, a couple of days before the birthday or holiday, they can think of twenty things!

Well, I can help you get a head start on those gifts while you wait for those last-minute revelations!

Here I share with you some of the best Bibles for teens to take the guesswork out of what gift to get that precious girl in your life and to offer words of encouragement for teenage girls to counter what the world tosses their way!

Here I share with you some of the best teen Bibles for girls to take the guesswork out of what gift to get that precious girl in your life! Click To Tweet

12 Best Teen Bibles

Best Teen Bibles for the Godly Girls in Your Life


An image of an Ebook Cover for Praying With Confidence - The ACTS Prayer Method and text that says Get Your Praying With Confidence Acts Prayer Method Ebook

If you have a teen girl who is learning about prayer and Bible study, this short E-Book on the ACTS Prayer Method might be just what she needs to pray with confidence and learn to talk with the Lord!

Devotionals and Bible Studies for Teenage Girls

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