Finding quality resources for Christian women can sometimes be difficult and a little overwhelming, especially as busy as we are!  I’ve compiled a list of 75+ resources for Christian women that will help with every aspect of your lives!  You will find resources such as Bible studies, prayer life, devotionals, marriage resources (or for those getting married!!), parenting, health, and more!

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This page is still being populated so this listing will grow!  So stop back frequently for updates!

If you have a resource you created yourself that you think would be helpful and would like listed, please email me at

Resources for Christian Women

Devotionals, Bible Studies and Journaling

  These are some devotionals for Christian women, as well as excellent Bible Studies to grow your relationship with God. In addition to these, there are also resources that help you study the Bible on your own so that you can focus on what God is speaking directly to you through His Word. Spending time with the Lord through devotions and Bible studies will help you in your walk with Him and help you face the day to day issues with faith and confidence!


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Resources for Christian Women on Living a Life of Faith

 Finding great resources for Christian women can help make your faith life amazing! This is especially true of resources for living a life of faith! We live in a very real physical world that comes with all of the problems therein. Add to that the fact that we have a very real enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy! In addition to the devotions and Bible studies, these are resources that can help you in your day to day life, with issues we all face, and even those issues that may be uncommon for most people, like facing certain health issues, etc. There are also resources that can help us incorporate our faith into all areas of our lives, like what we watch on television or what we teach our children!

Books on Living a Life of Faith

Podcasts to Help You Grow in Faith

By His Grace Podcast
– Dare 2 Hear Podcast
Grace Over 40
Abounding in Hope Talks With Tricia
Wife on a Mission Podcast

Kairos Moments
Dwelling Together
Radiant Pearl Living
Dressed For Battle

Programs and Ministries to Help You Live a Life of Faith

Resources for Christian Women - Grace Goals by Arabah Joy

Homeschool Curriculum and Teaching Aids

Christian Based Television

Magazines for Christian Women

The Christian Home

Resources for Christian Women on Living a Life of Prayer

  Living a life of prayer is so vitally important. Prayer is one of the cornerstones of a life of faith! It is how we speak to God and one of the ways He speaks to us! It is so important that we get in His presence and hear what He has to say! However, prayer for some is not always easy. We don’t always know how to pray, what to say, or how to say it! This section has resources for Christian women that will help you start (or further) living a life of prayer and intercession! It will have resources for prayer journaling as well, so you can see how the Lord has worked in your life!

Books on Prayer

Prayer Challenges

Prayer Journaling

Prayer Methods

War Room

Blogging and Ministry Resources for Christian Women

  If you are an established blogger, a new blogger or someone who wants to blog but hasn’t quite begun yet, this section has something for you. These are resources for bloggers, specifically faith bloggers, to help you either get started or promote your blog further! The blogging courses listed are all ones I have taken myself and highly recommend. The Facebook groups I list are all ones I belong to and find valuable.

Blogging Resources

Blogging Courses

Books on Blogging

Facebook Groups for Christian Bloggers

Books For Ministry

Ministry Courses

WordPress Themes for Churches and Ministries

Blogs Posts About Blogging

Resources for Christian Women - Siteground Web Hosting

Christian Marriage and Relationship Resources for Christian Women

  Whether you are currently married or planning a wedding, these marriage and relationship resources for Christian women will help! Marriage is not easy, whether a person is Christian or not. I am currently adding more resources to this section so stay tuned for more!

Messianic Judaism Resources for Christian Women

  Resources for Christian women should include helping women learn more about the Jewish roots of their faith! Knowing and understanding the Jewish roots of the faith will help deepen your walk with God and help you understand the Christian faith in a way you never thought possible. This section is still being populated so check back for more resources!

Blog Posts on the Jewish Roots of the Faith

Messianic Courses & Resources

Messianic Products

Healthy Living Resources for Christian Women

  We all want to be healthy right? Taking care of the body God gave us is so vitally important. Sometimes we spend so much time on our spiritual growth that we can neglect our physical health but it is all equally important to God. This section is brand new and is still being populated so please check back soon!  

Resources for Christian Women – Books Written by Friends

  These are some books written by friends of mine (and some fellow bloggers) that I thought you might enjoy reading! These books may be on various topics listed above but I felt they deserved to have their own space! Each and every one of these books is a fantastic read!!     

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