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Ask God For Help With Even the Little Things in Life in 2021!

Do you ever wonder if the Lord of all creation is concerned about the little things in your life? Does God care about every detail or is He just concerned with the BIG issues? We may think He is “too big” to care about our seemingly small troubles and can feel we are “pestering Him” about unimportant matters. But everything about you matters to God. Learn how to ask God for help with even the little things in life!

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Asking God For Help – Does He Care About Every Detail?

Have you ever gone to a group wanting to ask for prayer about a situation or problem you have in your life and then stopped before you asked?

Have you gone before God and wanted to ask Him for help with something going on in your life, your marriage, your job, etc., but then decided it was too trivial?

You hesitate to ask God because it seems to pale in comparison to other people’s needs.

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We sometimes look at our problem or situations and decide that, in comparison, other people have far worse going on in their lives, we don’t ask. We feel guilty or even selfish!

I mean, who am I to ask people to pray about my aches and pains when other people have serious, life-threatening illnesses?

Who am I to ask people to pray about my problems at work when people have lost their jobs?

You may feel you shouldn’t ask for prayer about your “minor” issues with your husband when people are experiencing divorce or infidelity!

We feel asking God for help when it seems trivial and small is selfish!

Grading Our Right to Ask God for Help

We often grade our right to ask God for help based on what other people have going on and we decide our issue is too trivial to give it to Him.

But God is not just the God of the big problems. He is the God of the little problems too. Asking God for help in prayer should happen before a little problem becomes a bigger one!

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When we neglect to ask God for help because we think it is too small for Him, we are actually showing a lack of faith even pride as we usurp God’s authority and decide what He should and shouldn’t be concerned with.

We think we are better to handle trivial matters than to “bother” God with them.

Let me ask you an honest question…have you EVER handled anything better than God? Ever?

It is the way the enemy works in our lives to keep God from having full authority!

We have not because we ask not! We hold them back without bringing them God.

 James 4:2:

You desire things and don’t have them. You kill, and you are jealous, and you still can’t get them. So you fight and quarrel. The reason you don’t have is that you don’t pray!

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Ask God for the Little Things

The enemy wants us to believe that our need is too small to give to God because, in doing this, it keeps us struggling and trying to deal with our problems in our own power instead of God’s. It keeps us in isolation with our problems.

But the truth is, many times if we don’t get help for those small problems they can go on to become bigger problems. They can cause us to fall into despair and depression. This is exactly what the enemy wants!!

The enemy wants us to believe that somehow our needs are too small to ask for help! Click To Tweet

He wants those small marital spats to become bigger issues that lead to divorce!

He wants our little problems with our children to go on to become issues that lead to our kids going astray!

And he wants our little doubts and fears to go on to become issues that separate us from God.

Our faith isn’t just reserved for the big things, it’s for the smallest of things too.

When we give thanks to God should it just be for the big, impressive things? No!

We should give thanks for the fact that each and every breath we take is a gift. We should give thanks for the smallest of victories, the smallest of blessings.

If we should give thanks for the little things then why do we think the little things shouldn’t also be taken before the throne to ask God when we need help?

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Ask God and Cast ALL Your Cares and Worries

If our children have a problem in their lives, don’t we want them to come to us when the problem is small versus waiting until it escalates?

God is no different.

1 Peter 5:7 says:

Cast all your worries on Him, for He cares for you.


It says cast ALL your anxiety, ALL your cares on HIM because He cares for you! It doesn’t say some, it doesn’t say big ones, it doesn’t say only if your cares are as big as others…it says ALL.

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Casting in this verse is the Greek word epiriptō  and it means to throw or place upon.

Imagine that! God wants us to throw our cares to Him! He wants us to place them upon Him.

God wants to bear ALL your cares, regardless of how large they may be. He is the God who gave the sea its limit but He is also the God whose eyes are upon the smallest of birds.

Matthew 6:26:

“Look at the birds of the air. They do not sow or reap or gather into barns; yet your Father in heaven feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

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God feeds the birds! The Creator of all things cares so much for His creation that He ensures they are taken care of.

And yet we think our problems are too small for Him to care about?

Can You Ask God When You Feel YOU Are the Little Thing?

What about asking God to do BIG things when YOU feel you’re the little thing?

Do you ever feel like you are too insignificant for God to want to use to fill those big dreams you have?

All throughout the Bible, God uses the weak and broken, He uses the average, the plain, the ignored, to do great things.

Never feel like your God-given dream is too small or that it is too big for a small YOU to achieve it. Ask God to equip you further!

God knows what you have need of before you even ask. He knows your pain points. God sees your dream and if He planted it in you don’t you believe He will equip you for it?

Little things aren’t just the insignificant-appearing things we want or need, but we too are the little things. And we should not hesitate to ask God to use us.

What are you needing prayer for that you didn’t think was important enough?

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