1. I love those scripture verses, and I love the whole idea of putting on the armor of God and becoming a warrior!

  2. Amen! This couldn’t be more true. I will never understand why nonbelievers thing the Christian life is easy & for the weak. It is NOT easy! But it sure is worth the battle. 🙂

  3. I needed that. I am definitely going through a time of battle spiritually. I was just thinking about what I needed to do battle against all the things coming against me.

    1. I am sorry you are going through that Julie…I will keep you in prayer! I am glad you found it helpful!

  4. I really enjoyed reading your post! The Bible is very clear about the spiritual warfare going on around us and the challenges of following Christ instead of giving in. Temptation is everywhere and we need to rely on God for our strength and to carry us through the tough times. His strength and love are beyond compare and his team is triumphant! Great post!

  5. Very good post on Spiritual warfare. I hear far too often that Christians do not think about this anymore. That is the most dangerous spot to be in. So important to put on the full armour of God every day, and keep focused on the task at hand with Him.

    1. Absolutely!! It IS a dangerous spot to be in. And you are right…it is often something Christians don’t think much about. Thank you!

  6. Diane,
    Thanks for this awesome battle manifesto for those who are in Christ Jesus. There are no “crutches” in God’s armor and what strength-giving reminders that “no weapon formed against us shall prosper” and after we are suited up in God’s armor, He calls us to “stand” because the battle belongs to Him. Excellent post! Read it over a few times!!
    Bev xx

  7. We do tend to blind ourselves to the battle behid powerful songs like ‘Victory in Jesus’ and truths like ‘more than a conquerer in Jesus’ but you are absolutely right. Becoming a Christian is enlisting in God’s army during war time!!

  8. Diane,

    I love this…”There’s no crutch in my arsenal. I have armor. I have weapons. I have a Savior. I have a Commander and King. I have the Word of God!” Such a powerful, encouraging post. I really needed this reminder today.


  9. This post is so needed today. We are in a battle. Not a series of bad coincidences or happenstances. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy. We have the equipment to protect and the weapon to fight back if we would only use it.

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