1. Diane, I love learning from you. When I saw that we were neighbors today at #heartencouragementThursday, I immediately said, “Oh good! I love her posts.” Thank you for sharing about the Festival of Purim. How interesting! Esther was a brave woman. Mordecai even more so. What a champion of righteousness both were. But the topper of them all is God. We serve a faithful, faithful Father. Oh, how thankful I am. Enjoy His faithfulness today, friend.

    1. Thank you so much my friend!! I love your posts as well!!! I actually just got ready for the day (running a bit behind today lol) and I’m heading to the link up to do some reading so can’t wait to see yours!!

  2. This is interesting! I really feel like believers miss out by not knowing and celebrating these holidays from our scripture, thanks!

  3. I loved learning about Purim and its relationship to the book of Esther! May we be used “for such a time as this”.


    1. It is! I am going to miss celebrating this year due to COVID but we are still doing some fun things online with our synagogue family!

  4. Is this study in book form, or just the article? My Bible study group would LOVE to study this but I can’t find the book…

  5. An interesting book to study. One important aspect of the book was when Haman organized for a decree to annihilate all Jews during that time and with the date being also given. If Esther had not intervened with her fasting and the subsequent intervention of almighty God, the Jews people would have been no more now. But God had a bigger plan for the Jews and the whole world. The birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and our Saviour. Persia then is Iran now. Something to think about. God Bless you all.

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