1. I love this and it certainly hits close to home:) I still have a hard time acknowledging that I’ve already moved into this Titus 2 season of life! Although I will admit that having a Titus 2 ministry is a privilege and a joy.

  2. My favorite Titus 2 lady ministered to me mainly through hospitality. She had me over a lot in my college years. I don’t think she consciously taught me, but I learned so much from her example – about being a Christian woman, wife, and mother. I’ve always been so grateful God put her in my life.

    1. That is amazing. I feel like some of the best Titus 2 women don’t even know they are mentoring! They are just sharing their experiences and giving out of the overflow of their heart!!

  3. I love this! Chayil is an important word to me as it was a focus of my Quest through Fellowship of the Sword. We are might women of God and we often forget this. Thank you, my friend!

    1. Oh I did not know that it was part of Quest!! That is amazing! It is such a misunderstood word because of how it is translated into most Bibles. Thank you!!

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