1. I didn’t read this in its entirety because it says thst it is not for people with just outbursts of a her not for people who are angry and irritable all the time.

    One, I have sleep apnea. Two, I am an introvert so I need my space and alone time and constant interruptions drive the anger ever more to the brim and to overflowing.

    I can’t stop it. I pray. I beg God for help. Nothing seems to work. I feel that I should just give in and give up sometimes because it is showing to the people around me and I lose my witness (and my salvation) daily it seems.

    If ANYONE has an answer, I’m willing to try anything at this point.

    1. Dan I would read it anyway as you may connect with something in the post since I am an introvert as well. But I would definitely recommend speaking to someone like a faith-based counselor or someone a doctor can refer you to because quite honestly sometimes our bodies just experience an imbalance in hormones and that requires a doctor’s help. I know at one time, as I got older, I had to do that. I went through hormonal changes and that created an imbalance that needed hormonal therapy for a while. If you are experiencing something you feel is out of your control, it is not un-Christlike to go and seek a doctor’s help. God gave people that gifting in order to help us. Many times Christians are made to feel they lack faith or are somehow missing God if they need medical intervention and that is nonsense. Please speak to your doctor because when I hear someone say they cannot stop something it raises concerns for me that you may fall into further despair. God would not want you to suffer through this alone. I am praying for you!

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