1. Thanks so much for your the insights you shared. All great points! I always admire women who are meek in the manner and speech. But God didn’t make me that way. And like you, my old self gets resurrected quite often. I appreciated your sense of humor with that quote. 🙂

    You are absolutely right, Jesus told us to learn from Him, His ways are easy. And that might look different for each woman, but still reflect Jesus back.

    Great post.

  2. Yes! Let’s become more like Christ, not like others or our ideal version of ourselves. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings to you!

  3. I am so with you on the News and the facebook fake news. I have stopped watching news on television and now my husband has followed me. It leaves us without this depressing feeling we had been been getting regularly.

  4. Worrying about being like other Christian women leads me to doubt my own abilities and gifts. When I study the Bible I’m struck again and again by the differing talents, flaws and personalities I see in the pages. It I encouraging to know God uses all sorts!

  5. I have longed for the opposite! Oh, to be clever and quick witted – to speak my peace and not hold it in so much! But you are so right. It’s about growing into what Jesus calls us toward. It’s seeking to be more like Him everyday. Sometimes, it’s about honoring the way in which He wired us, though. Finding the balance in growth and acceptance is tricky, though, right?

    Loved my time here today, friend. It gave me much to think about! And thank you for sharing hope alongside me at #MomentsofHope this week!


  6. I think when people see Christ in us, that is what they admire, so we don’t have to strive to be cookie cutter Christians, but to be like Him. He made us and nothing about me surprises Him. Like Paul I can say by the grace of God I am what I am – malleable in His hands.

    Your neighbor at purposeful faith linkup

  7. YES YES YES – I was sad halfway through this because I thought you were stuck in the wanting to fit a mold way of thinking but then rejoiced when you got to the part about not asking to be made like a mold we may have been told to fit but to be more like Christ. I was once told by a pastor to “fit the mold” – ugh…it was such a destructive thing to say to a young bride and baby Christian. But God…yes God in HIS faithfulness brought me through. I am not going to fit a mold and in fact, God has told me He is calling me to be a freedom warrior – to help other women be set free so they can be fully themselves for His glory!

    1. Amen!!! Thank you for sharing your story!! It is so difficult when people make you feel you have to confirm to a standard God just didn’t set for us! He created us to be unique!!

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