1. I always learn so much from you! I love this teaching (and practice) of building a fence around the Torah – it’s good advice for any believer.

  2. I’ve never heard of this before and enjoyed learning about building a fence around the Torah. It reminds me of the wisdom of Proverbs to guard our hearts.

  3. I have heard the Old Testament referred to as the First Testament which I really like. And it’s wonderful to see how Jesus put grace fences around the teaching.

  4. Diane, well said and great insights. I like the metaphor of building a fence around the Torah. Thank you for this and for hosting a great link-up!

  5. Diane, I learn so much here! I love the visual of building a fence around the Torah. Great insights for building a fence around a godly life, without that, we let all kinds of threats into our space. We do need to not only guard our hearts, but our sacred practices of living out the Word. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Donna! I am so glad you enjoyed the post and that you feel you learned something from it! I love to hear that!!

  6. I appreciate learning the perspectives of the Jewish traditions and thought applied to the Christian faith. It’s like adding color to a beautiful black and white sketch. Thank you for your work.

  7. Diane – I learned so much from this article. I had never heard what ‘Torah’ really meant! Knowing that is wonderful and I very much enjoyed the video by your friend from the Holy Language Institute. I want to know more!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it and Izzy has a wonderful program (and it’s not an affiliate either so I am just a member!) and I think you’d enjoy it!

  8. This is insightful. Obviously not being Jewish I’ve never heard the expression, but I’ve lived it. Guard your heart, is the guidance I use. The examples you provide work for you but aren’t for everyone because each person must know where they are and what they are prone to. But bigger than that, in our relationship with Christ as we get to know Him more, He guides and dictates our actions.

    1. Yes and the examples are just that…they won’t apply to everyone but the premise is the same. Whether someone is Jewish or Gentile, the way we experience temptation and sin are the same. We need to not wait until sin is banging down our door. All sin begins with temptation and thought…and when we take EVERY thought captive, we can avoid a whole host of sin. Blessings!

  9. Diane – I love learning from you. I had never heard the phrase about putting a fence around the Torah. Yet, my momma taught me this when it comes to meeting with men when married. I, too, try to follow the same line of thinking as you do. I know I am not immune to sin, so I try to stay far from it when possible. When we dabble a little, it has the propensity to lead to more. Thank you for your wise words. Maree

    1. Yes! We are never immune but its much like getting a cold. If we wash our hands and don’t touch our eyes and we dress properly, etc., we can protect ourselves from the cold. Does it mean we will never get a cold? No…but we likely will be more protected than had we not done those things and just not taken any precautions. Then you’re almost guaranteed to get one! LOL Thank you Maree!!

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