1. Your quote says it all, “In establishing this Holiness Code, the Lord was saying I am not only one god among many, I am THE God and as my people you are to be set apart not only FOR me but FROM these other nations.”
    Thank you for your insightful post on God’s Holiness.

  2. Truly wonderful and enlightening. I read this often to remind myself to be holy. I am a Christian but have many Jewish friends and worry about them not believing in Jesus. Thanks so much for your thoughts.

    1. Do not worry about your Jewish friends. God will never forsake His covenant promises and we are assured of that. He has them in the palm of His hand always. The best thing you can do with your Jewish friends is let them know their Jewish identity is never something that needs to be given up and that belief in a Jewish Messiah does not mean converting to Christianity for them. Yeshua did not come to create Christianity. He came to join the Nations to Israel in belief in the One True God. And if they ever need to speak to someone, I am always available.

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