1. The atonement is something I could read and study about daily and learn something every single day. You did a wonderful piece of work here.

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed every one of your posts I have read. I learn so much and always find myself coming back for more. Thank you for teaching us about our Jewish roots!

  3. I appreciate your insight and wisdom into the Jewish holidays. It provides a broader perspective into my own faith.

  4. Diane,
    I’m so glad to find you. My husband and I follow the feasts and go to the House of David with Curt Landry, which is only 20 minutes from our home. Last Wednesday, on the actual day of Yom Kippur, my brother in law was very tragically killed in a car wreck, 74 years old. His daughter’s 94 year old grandmother (in-law) also died two hours later.

    I am reading this after both funerals, and your words, “In Judaism, it is during Yom Kippur that God decides the fate of a person.” I’m come to believe through and through. Both people were Christians, and the pastors who probably were not even award of the day they died, kept stressing how important forgiveness is. God is truly trying to WAKE US UP! To obedience and walking in LOVE.

    1. Ann first and foremost, I am so sorry for your loss! I am praying for you and your family. I am so glad you found me! God certainly does put us where we need to be when we most need it and allows us to hear what we need to hear at the right time! Thank you so much for commenting!! I hope you’ll keep returning!! I love knowing other Messianic believers come by!!

  5. The intense and obvious connections between this feast and Jesus is always amazing and beautiful to me. I have always been enamored with how perfectly they align. God does all things with purpose and intention and seeking to have relationship with us, doesn’t He? Thank you for the detail shared here.

  6. Happy Yom Kippur!
    So, in reading through your post, I’m wondering if this is the day Christ was resurrected? Or the day He was put on the cross? Is this the proper day to celebrate that verses the false “easter” celebration we’ve been taught?
    Thank you for your insight on this matter!
    Yeshua be with you.

    1. No..actually scripture is very specific on that one and it specifies that He was crucified during Passover. In fact the Last Supper was actually a Passover Seder. Bless you!!

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