1. Thank you for this post. It is a blessing to be reminded of the glorious power of our God and see how He worked and can work in our lives.

    I know when I hear and see how God works in people’s lives, it truly is a contagious joy and inspires more hope and faith in God. I absolutely love this!

  2. Love this line: People see Jesus in you when your prison doesn’t dictate your praise! It’s so true. So many times when we think we’re aren’t reaching anyone, others are watching us in our worst days and can see the difference Jesus makes in our lives and attitudes.

  3. Diane, these are good truths. 🙂 There is power in praising God, especially when we walk through difficult circumstances.

    “Do you know that when you praise God in your worst circumstances, when you exercise faith in your “prison”, people are watching you? People notice when you have joy in your sorrow.”

    It’s a bit humbling to know God can speak to others through the ways we choose to respond to him in hard seasons. And when we choose to praise Him, to yield our hearts to Him, He ministers to us in that choice as well.

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