20 Powerful Ways for You to Worship God Every Day

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Worshiping God is one of the most important aspects of a believer’s life. But what does it look like and how do we go about doing it every day? One of the best things that you can do for your spiritual growth is to learn how to worship God in new and exciting ways. This post will give you 20 ways you can begin to worship God every day, starting today!

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Why Worship is Important

As mentioned earlier, worship is one of the most important aspects of a believer’s life. What exactly does it look like though?

The best way to answer that question would be to explore some reasons why worship is so vital to our personal spiritual growth and community as believers.

  • Worshiping helps us grow in our knowledge about God by looking at things through the lens of His Word and knowing how He would want us to respond in various situations. It helps us to build a hedge or fence to keep sin at bay in our lives by stopping those little trickles of temptation before they become floods.
  • Worship strengthens our connection with Him which creates an unbreakable bond across generations. We can teach our children His Word, His truth, and build up disciples in our own homes! Deuteronomy 11:19 says:

“You are to teach them to your children, speaking of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up.”

  • It encourages unity between fellow worshippers through shared experiences, thoughts and feelings. It is a time for us to come together in joy and reverence, while growing as believers. Worship of the Lord is something we have in common with fellow believers. We can learn worship from them and they can learn from us.
  • Worship brings order to our days by getting out of bed on the right side each morning instead of facing the day with dread.

    Before I get out of bed each day, I pray a prayer from the Siddur (Jewish prayer book) that in English is translated “I thank you oh living and eternal King for giving me back my soul in mercy. Great is your faithfulness”.

    We pray this because each night when we go to bed, we surrender ourselves over completely to Him. When we sleep, it is the closest thing to death that we can reach in this life, where we are not in control of our soul or spirit.

    So we trust the Lord to restore it to us in the morning when we wake, as many people do pass in the night. In Judaism, Hashem is thanked and honored for even the smallest thing, like seeing a new sight for the first time, witnessing a rainbow, a storm, etc. So we thank Him even for our eyes opening in the morning.
  • It provides an outlet for all those emotions swirling inside us when life gets hard; it also helps with coping during seasons where there are more losses than wins.
  • Through passionate expression we are able to show more love for God because He deserves nothing less than all the glory for everything He has done for us!
  • Most importantly, we worship because He is worthy of it. We worship because He is Lord alone. When Jewish people all over the world say “Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord ALONE”, we are declaring there is only ONE God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and He is also a personal and loving Father. We worship because He is deserving of it.
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How do I worship God every day?

There is no one right way to worship God, but there are many ways that we can connect with Him in a deeper way. Worship is a daily discipline and something that we should all be doing, as every breath we take is a gift from Hashem.

But how do you make worship a conscious part of your daily life? I am going to share 20 ways you can worship God every day!

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20 Ways You Can Worship God Every Day:

1. Read the Bible – This one is key and is most important. You may not think of reading the Word as worship but it is. The Bible is a powerful guide for living. Studying it can help you see the intricacies and connections between different stories, figures, and themes. It tells the story of a people and a Messiah who brings all the nations of the world to the one God.

Reading the Bible every day and being consistent in it will allow you to better know the God we worship and as we know Him more, we worship Him more because we see all the reasons all worship and praise is due Him.

2. Reflect on God’s Glory – Spend some time in prayer or meditation looking at how great a Creator we have. He made everything from nothing! Nothing existed before Him and all things are created by Him. So meditating (and I don’t mean new age type meditation) on His glory and wonder is a powerful way to worship God.

3. Sing to Him – Take your praise into song by either singing out loud with others or out loud at home or in your car! It doesn’t matter if you think you can’t sing! Your voice lifted up in praise is music to His ears no matter how off key it may be! So start singing!

4. Talk to Him throughout your day! – Don’t just pray in the morning or before bed. Speak to God all throughout your day! If you get annoyed with someone, bring it to Him in conversation. If you feel sad, feel happy, share it with Him and thank Him for those moments of joy! Cry with Him in those moments of sadness. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 says:

“Rejoice always pray constantly, in everything give thanks, for this is God’s will for you in Messiah Yeshua”


5. Spend time in solitude with Jesus, either through prayer or meditation on specific scriptures – We spoke about spending time reflecting on God’s glory and meditating on it and we spoke about prayer but here we are speaking about time reflecting on Yeshua and our love for Him. He is our Redeemer and our Messiah so we need to honor Him and honor the Father for giving us Yeshua.

6. Listen to songs of praise! – Not much makes me feel like being in the presence of the Lord than praise and worship music. I love some great Christian music and I also love Messianic Jewish praise as well.

I actually developed a habit I learned from my sister. I keep praise and worship music going in a room in my house at all times. It is usually my bedroom because for one, my birds like it. And also, it adds to the atmosphere of being a sanctuary for my husband and I to go to since the rest of the house (especially during COVID) is a place where we work.

It is an uplifting respite for us and I love walking in my room during the day and hearing praise.

I also listen to praise and worship music in the car and in our home when we are not in online meetings. I put it on while I am cooking or cleaning and I just sing along and praise the Lord in all I do!

7. Spend time with other believers! – Attending services each week not only allows you to learn more about the Word but it gives you time with other believers, allowing you to pray and worship corporately. We need this time to be renewed and refreshed.

I know my Shabbat services each week as well as our time in Talmud Torah (which is time we spend later that day discussing that week’s portions)is my favorite time of the week. I get to worship with my congregation family and then study with my Rabbi (and usually one or two other Rabbis) and people from my congregation.

8. Share your faith! – There are many opportunities throughout the day in which you can share Yeshua with others, such as when they ask about how your weekend was! You can share about the church or synagogue service (if you are a Messianic Jew) you attended.

You can find ways to share your faith without being “pushy” or overt about it. If it is a part of who you are, you will naturally speak of it without making it look like you’re trying to evangelize (which could be frowned upon at work or other situations).

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9. Write down your feelings of adoration, awe, wonderment, etc., throughout the day – You can write them on post-it notes and put them on mirrors or somewhere you will see it frequently and can reflect on it. You can write them on an index card that you can pull out of your purse or from a book and memorize scripture or just read about how you love the Lord.

Journaling is another great way to write out your feelings of love for the Lord and gratitude for all He has done in your life. I love journaling (although I do have to get better about doing it on a daily basis) and I have a beautiful journal I love to write prayers in, write about my day, write out praise reports, etc.

10. Worship through selfless service by helping people! – Whether it be babysitting a friend’s child so they can have a night out or serving in a food pantry or soup kitchen, helping and loving others is key to living a life of faith.

In Hebrew, the word “chesed” means loving-kindness. It is the loving-kindness that is shown even when the other person can do nothing for you in return. It is that same word that is used to describe the loving-kindness Hashem shows to us. So share your love of God by serving others.

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11. Worship through acts of giving – Have a jar for loose change in your room? Collect the coins and take them to church or donate as an act of worship! In Hebrew this is called tzedakah and it is a cornerstone practice in Judaism. Charity boxes are common in many Jewish homes so maybe make one that your children can decorate. Make them a part of it so that they develop a love of giving from an early age!

12. Worship through acts of service to your community – We spoke about helping people in acts of service but here we can worship by acts of service in our communities. Find a place in your community where you can volunteer so that you are giving to others and showing them hospitality as well. Maybe you can organize a group at your church or synagogue and find a senior center, a homeless shelter or even your own church and see what work they need done.

To give an example, my husband (before COVID restrictions) went with a group to paint apartments that were going to be used to house homeless families with young children. So taking care of those less fortunate, helping the most vulnerable is an act of worship.

13. Worship through acts of kindness – Be kind! When someone is sad, show them the love they deserve by being there for them and listening. Just be nice! Buy a coffee for the person behind you at the drive-thru, take a neighbor some cookies. We need more random acts of kindness in the world.

14. Worship through acts of creativity – Get creative! Write a poem, draw an illustration for the sermon you heard this week and put it on your refrigerator as a reminder to worship in all aspects of life. Take up Bible journaling if you enjoy that kind of creative worship. Using the creativity the Lord gave us IS worship!

15. Worship through honoring God’s provision – Celebrate the Sabbath every week with all its traditions, like lighting candles to welcome Shabbat. Celebrate God’s acts of creation each week. He renews creation day after day, but we can set aside one day to honor ALL of His creation and remember He opens His hands and satisfies every living thing with favor!

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16. Worship through worshiping God in nature – We can find true freedom by getting out of our comfort zones and experiencing His mighty presence when we are on a mountain or in some other wild place, far from distractions and noise.

Do something that allows you to experience His creation in new ways. There is so much world out there for us to see that He has given us.

Watching the sunrise reminds us of how His mercies are new every morning. Seeing the stars in the sky at night reminds us of how He is is Adonai Tzva’ot, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.

17. Worship through worshiping God in the Bible by memorizing scripture – Let’s not forget that we are blessed with a living word of God, which is eternal and can lead us by faith into all truth.

The Word came to live among humanity so He could show us how to live life on earth as though it were the Messianic Kingdom. He came to show us what a life of shalom looks like and how we can live it.

Memorizing scripture is how we hide His Word in our hearts and by reciting the verse throughout the day over and over to commit it to memory is a great way to worship Him by meditating on His goodness!

You can also get some free scripture memorization cards for kids below!

18. Worship through the use of our talents – God has given each one of us gifts, talents or some other type of skill that helps others in their Christian walk. Use your gifting for His glory!

You may not be called to preach, you may not be called to teach but you HAVE been given gifts that you can use to edify and bless others.

19. Worship through morning and evening prayer – It is not enough to know about God but we also need to spend time with Him, as we spoke about above under prayer.

Beginning and ending your day in prayer is a wonderful way to connect with the Lord. Take some time each day and set aside special morning, evening or anytime-in-between times of the day for you to speak alone with your maker.

If you are new to prayer, I have a resource that can help you get started.

As a Messianic Jew, I pray the morning prayers, including the Shema, and I also pray the Shema before going to bed, along with its blessings. I feel lost if I don’t pray these Psalms and verses each morning and evening.

You don’t have to pray specific prayers in the morning and evening like I do. You can just thank the Lord that you woke up that morning (as I mentioned above) and thank Him for all His blessings when you lie down at night and ask for His protection as you sleep. It makes Him a part of your entire day and the first and last part as well.

20. Bring all your worries and fears to Him – When you trust Him with what troubles you, when you learn to let it go and give it to God, then you will become more reliant on Him and His provision and less on your own strength.

A Life of Worship

A life of worship is an amazing journey. As we grow closer to God and learn more about Him, our every thought inevitably becomes a meditation on who He is and how His love for us can overcome any obstacle.

We seek out ways in which we can glorify Him with all that we are – not just according to the world’s standards but also by living up to what He created us to be: people made in His image, filled with joy as well as sorrow.

If you want your life to change then start today; right now! Start small if need be but begin! Even one step forward is still a step!

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