Study the Faith of Job in the Bible – Examining His “Unshakable” Faith in His Redeemer

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The book of Job in the Bible is full of deep, possibly unanswerable mysteries. We get to see God on the throne, commanding the heavenly host and cosmically ruling over humanity as He has done since the foundation of the earth. We get to see the unshakable faith of Job as he goes through attack after attack from the enemy and yet does not curse God.

The study of this book can lead you to deeper understanding and insight into the mystery surrounding humanity’s relationship with the Lord: Why does evil happen if he set up moral law? How could he allow Job’s suffering, if he indeed is just? How can He allow the enemy to attack righteous people? Read on to learn more in this Job Bible Study.

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Job in the Bible – Unshakeable Faith in Trials

Having unshakable faith during times of trouble can be difficult for us as believers, no matter how mature in Yeshua we may be. In this story of Job in the Bible, we will look at the faith of Job in the darkest of trials and find examples and declarations of faith in God’s sovereignty for all of us to emulate. 

Praising God and His majesty and glory when we are suffering is extreme worship and a true sacrifice of praise because we are moving past our feelings to our faith. So let’s dig into this study and learn about his unshakable faith in his Redeemer!

In Job 19:25, when Job was going through the worst of times and suffering, he says “Yet I know that my Redeemer lives, and in the end, He will stand on earth.” (TLV)

Berated by Job’s friends, covered in sores, he has lost all his children and everything he owned. Job’s wife said ‘Are you still holding firmly to your integrity? Curse God and die!’ (Job 2:9), and yet in the midst of this he said he knew His Savior lives. 

Who was Job speaking of and do we also believe this to be true in our own eyes in times of trouble? 

Job in the Bible – Faith

In the Book of Job in the Bible, we will see that Job was a righteous man who loved God. He was also quite blessed. He had everything a person could want; a loving family, beautiful children, land, wealth and a loving wife.

The Book of Job opens with this scene in Job 1:6 where Satan came with the sons of God, the angels, into the presence of the Lord. God asked Satan where he comes from and Satan tells Him in Job 1:7:

“From roaming the earth and from walking on it.” 


Then God goes on to ask Satan in verse 8:

Adonai said to the satan, “Did you notice my servant Job? There is no one like him on the earth—a blameless and upright man, who fears God and spurns evil.


Then Satan tells God, essentially, that it is no surprise that Job honors God and lives a godly and blameless life because there is a hedge around him and he is blessed. Satan then goes on to tell God that if He were to take everything from Job surely he would curse Him.

So in what is sort of a “Trading Places” type “bet”, Hashem agrees to let Satan have at Job with the exception that he cannot touch his life.

Job Loses Everything

Satan then proceeds to strip Job of everything he has and everyone he loves, except his wife and apparently his “friends”. 

He loses his children, his livestock, his health and his wealth.

His friends berate him and tell him he must have sinned in some way and done some terrible things for God to punish him this way. Nice friends huh?

Job argues his case not only with his friends but with God! He wants to know what charge there is against him to cause all this to happen, BUT he NEVER curses God. 

He never speaks against the Name of the Lord in any way! Job’s faith in God’s majesty stayed strong.

Job 1:22 says:

Through all this, Job did not sin nor did he cast reproach on God.


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Speeches of Job – Job Asks for An Explanation

Then Job goes through this back and forth dialog, these cycles of speeches, with his “friends” and makes his case that he did not sin against God and did not bring this calamity on himself in any way.

He is (I believe rightfully) thoroughly insulted that these friends of his, who surely know him well, would believe such ill about him instead of recognizing that this was indeed undeserved suffering.

Our Bible study would be FAR from complete if we didn’t take a long, hard look at Job’s utter confusion.

While he had faith in God, Job cries out for an explanation from God!

He wants to know why this is happening to him, a blameless person, and wants God to defend Himself because, in his eyes, he has been without fault! Job’s suffering has no apparent causation.

So we see here what is another courtroom-type appeal. First Satan, a central character in the first courtroom scene, tells God that his faithful man Job is only faithful to Him because he has everything but “take thine hand” off him and he won’t be as faithful. So this argument is made and God, the righteous judge, agrees.

Now we see Job as a sort of defendant in this court, making an appeal to the Judge and wants to know why he is being punished! He is close to questioning the character of God here, although he never curses Him, so God feels He must answer this appeal.

God appears to Job in a storm cloud and shows Job that He is so much greater than we could imagine and we cannot begin to know the depths of His wisdom and knowledge.

The voice of God reveals to Job that He is aware of the most minute details of the universe and that what is happening to Job does not escape His attention. The innocent suffering in this world does not escape His attention.

In essence, Hashem shows Job that he is in no place to know the order of things and why things may happen as they do.

It’s a humbling moment for Job to realize he is a mere speck in the greater order of creation and that Hashem’s ways are not his nor ours.

In other words, the Heavenly Father shows Job that yes, the world DOES revolve, just not around him and that there is a greater plan happening.

Bad things may happen and we may not be able to explain it and it is not our place to know the answers all of the time.

Faith of Job – My Redeemer Lives

Yet even though Job went through it all, he at one point saw to his redemption. He saw His Messiah! Job saw Jesus Christ LONG before He emerged on earth as the Messiah.

What we call the patience of Job is more like the FAITH of Job in God’s sovereignty.

It seems he is questioning God but we can relate to this, can’t we? When we go through trials a long time, we can still have faith that God will bring us through it but also question WHY we are going through it.

I have been in situations where I just knew God was with me and would work out His plan but I also cried out like Job and wanted to know why this was happening! That was in the present day circumstances but we don’t live in the now. We live (or should live) looking toward our future redemption.

THIS is not our home! We have a Messianic Kingdom that we look toward! We have a Day of Redemption when the fallen world we live in will be renewed and the Lord Himself will dwell with man once again, as in the Garden, in perfect relationship as has always been the plan.

Job serves a God that redeems and saves, even though we may go through trials here on earth!

Job’s faith came from a place where he knew that there was something beyond the present-day to day life. He knew that there would come a day that his Messiah would come to this earth and defeat the same evil that sought to destroy him.

Yes, Job may have asked God to defend Himself but once again, he never cursed God.

He said in Job 19:25:

“But I know that my Redeemer lives, that in the end he will rise on the dust;


Job’s faith allowed him to see past his current troubles (even though not consistently) to his ultimate redemption and if it didn’t happen in his lifetime he knew it would happen nonetheless.

Job saw past his current troubles to his ultimate redemption and if it didn't happen in his lifetime he knew it would happen nonetheless. Click To Tweet

He saw Yeshua! Job saw the time Yeshua would stand on this earth as his Redeemer! He knew Yeshua would take His place as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and at the end, as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Job had faith in redemption! He had faith in God’s promises!

Do we have that same faith when we go through times of tribulation or attack?

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An Expository Job Bible Study: “Redeemer”

So we are now going to go beyond this simple overview of Job in the Bible and we are going to do an expository study and break down this verse in Job 19 and see what this means.

Redeemer as used in this verse is the Hebrew word ‘ga’al’ and it means:

to redeem, act as a kinsman-redeemer, ransom, do the part of a kinsman’

The law of the kinsman redeemer stated that if a man died and left a wife without having had a child, the brother (or nearest relative) of that man was to take the woman as his wife and give her children on behalf of the brother.

It was also a relative who avenged a person. If a person was killed, the kinsman redeemer would see to it the death was avenged. 

If a person fell into debt and lost what they owned or was sold into slavery, a kinsman redeemer could purchase them from slavery.

They were to restore what their relative lost, whether it be their life, their property or their freedom.

Yeshua is our Kinsman Redeemer. He is our Brother as He is the Son of God and God is our Father. 

Mankind were slaves to the evil inclination and He purchased freedom with His blood! He paid the price that was mankind’s to pay.

Job’s faith was in his heartfelt knowledge that his redeemer lives! He knew no matter what he lost in this world, there would be One who would redeem him!

He believed in the World to Come.

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An Expository Job Bible Study: “In the End He Will Rise on the Dust”

In this expository portion of our Job Bible study, we are going to look at the quote “In the end He will stand on the earth”.

Job knew that there would be an end, at least an end of days as we know it. He knew that not only would his Redeemer redeem him but He would “rise on the dust” (in other words, stand on the earth) and redeem the world for Himself!

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Job looked past his present troubles to the promise of more! He didn’t sin against God no matter what he lost because he believed in the promise!

Job, in the Bible, shows that when you put your faith in your Messiah, you can withstand all of life’s storms

Job knew Yeshua would take His place on this earth!

The Hebrew translates to “He will take His stand”.

In the Hebrew, His stand is ‘quwm’ and it means:

‘to rise, rise up, stand’

He will rise up on the earth. Interestingly enough, the Hebrew word for ‘the earth’ here is not the one used for the world.

It is the word ”aphar’ and it means the dust of the ground.

It’s the same word used to describe the dust of the ground Adam was formed from and the dust of the earth the serpent in the garden would eat the rest of his life.

Here it is the actual soil of the earth.

It was not metaphorical. Yeshua would rise up and stand on the actual dust of the earth! In other words, His physical presence would be here and He would redeem mankind!

When you have that kind of promise, the troubles of this life will pale in comparison and I believe Job didn’t sin against God through all his trials because he believed his Messiah offered far more than this world ever could. 

And God restored Job’s fortunes and redeemed him from the time of desolation he experienced.

Yeshua redeemed you from this world and its troubles. He redeemed you from sin and death. 

Have you struggled with giving praise in your trials? Do you experience difficulty worshipping in the storm? Remember to stare difficulty in the face and say “I know my redeemer lives!”

Does this Job Bible study on faith encourage you to read the Book of Job?

Tree of Life (TLV) – Scripture taken from the Holy Scriptures, Tree of Life Version*. Copyright © 2014,2016 by the Tree of Life Bible Society.  Used by permission of the Tree of Life Bible Society.

CJB – Taken from the Complete Jewish Bible by David H. Stern. Copyright © 1998. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Messianic Jewish Publishers, 6120 Day Long Lane, Clarksville, MD 21029.


  1. Every single time I read anything about Job I have the same thought: “Lord, I don’t want to be like Job.”

    I know that’s not exactly the right Christian girl answer. But it is true. I pray I can see God’s truth and hope without ever knowing the loss that Job knew.

  2. Wow! This was so good. The story of Job amazes me – the faith he had! Thank you for reminding me of this amazing story of redemption!

  3. I think I’m correct in remembering that Job is the oldest book in the Bible, and yet even then, rumors of a Redeemer were stirring. God will stop at nothing to spread redemption like a cloak over his fallen world!

    1. Amen!! Jesus was all throughout the Bible, New and Old Testament! It is sad when I see Christians discounting the Old Testament because He is there!! Thank you Michele!!

  4. Job is such an inspirational story on so many levels and I always learn something from his faith.

  5. Diane, I love this post! Job had such an incredibly strong faith. I never had insight into the kinsman redeemer before except that Boaz was one to Ruth. So I learned something new here. I love how you write also. Blessings sweet sister … ❤❤❤

  6. Our family can easily relate to Job. God allowed us to be stripped too. When you are hungry and homeless, destitute and wandering it can be a bit tough from time to time. In those moments of extreme duress, especially when our lives were threatened, we would sing Jesus Loves Me and say the Lord’s prayer. It was simple worship but it was enough. We held on in faith because God is our only deliverer and worthy of our praise. The fact that I am even commenting here today is a testament to HIs mighty power to deliver.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith

  7. The story of Job has always amazed me. When I was going through a really tough spiritual battle, I found peace in reading Job and knowing that God allowed it all to happen but He also set the boundaries on Satan as well. It was encouraging to know that Satan could only do what God allowed Him to do. He was on God’s leash per se. Thanks so much for sharing, and I hope you are doing better.

    1. Yes!! That is so important too! God put limits on Satan and that just shows the level of control God has over everything!

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