1. Diane I love this message. We all start small. Every blogger. Be patient, believe in you and the tide keeps turning.

    1. I wake up with this inspiration. Despite not the small beginning and glory, I got a detail, a glorious one of this motivation. Thanks, sister Diane. Your study is reaching millions. I am Michael from Ghana

  2. We always come out on the short end of the comparison game, and I just love getting to the heart of why we write and share our heart. It makes all the difference! So glad you shared this encouragement on Fresh Market Friday. I’m also putting your link-up on my calendar to join in the fun:)

  3. What a beautiful post!! Such a good reminder that our walk is uniquely our own, the one God has specifically designed for me!! My goal is that I always keep the mentality that I’m living for the audience of one, the One. Thank you for sharing what God put on your heart!!

  4. As I am transitioning during this time of a Pandemic this message was very encouraging. Im leaving a work place, The Salon closed due to Covid-19)that I’ve been for 19yrs as an independent Hairstylist( not the owner) I have to relocate to a much smaller space ( Salon Suite) I’ve already been out of work for 10wks . My faith isn’t strong , but I know God can do anything but I was confused, scared, depressed and frustrated and pretty much embarrassed because I know better . All this morning I’ve been praising God through inspirational music and I kept hearing God say “don’t despise small beginnings“ So I looked it up to find scriptures pertaining to that. I clicked on to your blog and it was everything I was feeling this helped me to realize God has me just where he wants me to be . My life is set up for my destiny so I can’t compare it to anyone else. Thank you 🙏🏽

    1. I am so blessed that this post gave you encouragement. I am so sorry for all you’ve been going through and I am keeping you in my prayers!! Bless you!! He has you!

  5. I swear you are in my head! I’ve been struggling with this lately. I’m going to spend time in the Word reading what you’ve shared here. Thank you, as always, for such a timely post. <3

    1. I am always in your head LOL I don’t go away! Seriously though…I am glad you found it helpful!

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  7. I love Elijah’s faith. A faith that didn’t require seeing anything. He only wanted a glimpse of God’s hand so his servant would believe and so there would something tangible to report to Ahab. Can you imagine King Ahab’s face when the servant said hurry, before you get drenched but it hadn’t even started sprinkling yet. I pray for that measure of faith. Just knowing and believing what God can do without any evidence. That’s what faith is. The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

    1. Oh I know!! I love all the stories around Elijah because he just had this holy “sassiness” about him that I so admire. It wasn’t an attitude about himself but about the God he KNEW would always come through and I wish I always had that today!

  8. Here in 2022, I am touched once again by God’s Word. As the Lord has recently allowed me to relaunch our blog this year, I thankful for this post. It’s a sweet reminder from God. As I was spending time with the Holy Spirit and I read this chapter and verse, God spoke to me. Don’t despise small beginnings (yes) but the second part of that verse says “for the Lord rejoices to see he work begin”. For He rejoices, He delights, He finds joy in the work starting. That truth made my heart smile.e God is faithful! Thank You Holy Spirit. The Word is alive!

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