Finding the Best Study Bible for Women for 2022

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You may be wondering, “Why do I need to know what the best study bible for women is? Other than differences in translations, aren’t all Bibles the same?” For instance, isn’t an NASB Bible an NASB Bible regardless of whether I am a man or a woman?

Well, yes that could be true if you were not taking into account how different genders interpret Biblical texts differently based on various differences in perspective or due to cultural influences from upbringing. 

Study Bibles that are specifically for women may offer commentary or prayers, study notes and general information about the various stories or figures that might be of specific interest to us. So let’s look at some of the best Bibles for women that will not only help in your study of God’s Word but also bring out your creativity as well.

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Importance of a Good Study Bible

I am a Bible collector! My house is full of Bibles of various translations and even Hebrew Bibles so that I can read in the original language. I even own a copy of the Septuagint! Yep — I am a Bible nerd!

I love having many versions so when I study, I can get different definitions and variations on words that can help cull out the meaning even in modern-day language.

Study Bibles are definitely my favorite though.

Women have so much going on these days. Everyday life can come with so many stresses and pull us in a hundred different directions.

Getting into the Word of God is so vital for us to stay grounded, both in faith and in life.

When we read the Bible, we are all reading God’s Word in the Bible translations that we are most comfortable with, both from a reading and doctrinal perspective. So when we look at that translation, the actual text will be the same as any text from that same translation.

But when you have a woman’s study Bible versus a regular Bible, it can offer you commentary important to women today. It can be a great resource for you to not only have the advantage of a great study Bible but have something that speaks to the issues important to you as a woman.

It can have scripture references you may not find in other Bibles, with special notes or more detailed book introductions. This can give you a deeper understanding of the Word from your perspective as a wife, a mother, a daughter.

Having a good study Bible that can not only give you a greater understanding of God through His Word but also give you important theological topics specific to you as a woman is a great choice that can help you grow in your study and help you grow as Christian women.

This is so important if you are a new Christian looking to grow in your Christian faith and want a Bible that speaks to a woman’s heart by learning more about the women of the Bible.

Translations Do Matter

You may wonder if the version of the Bible makes a difference and it does. Unless you are reading from a Torah scroll or an original manuscript, you are reading a translation.

While I want to tell you to find the translation you are most comfortable with (and for a new Christian that can be very important), an accurate translation is vital.

Some translations might be easier to understand and I get that. But God speaks to us through the majesty of His Word and when a translation alters the text too much it can lose its original meaning.

So when looking for a new study Bible for women, be sure (especially with all the varieties of study Bibles out there) that you make a good choice and are getting a translation that is not just “easy” but is going to help you grow in truth.

With all the different options, is important for your spiritual growth that you take a deep dive into even those difficult passages and even use different translations together to compare and contrast and get to the heart of the Word.

I will not tell you what translation you should or should not use and I will offer a variety of them for you to choose from as I don’t believe it is my place to tell you which translation you SHOULD use for your Bible studies.

So I am listing these Bibles for you based on features and not translation of the Biblical text itself. That is a choice only you can make and let the Holy Spirit guide you if you don’t already have a preferred translation.

Best Study Bible For Women

So let’s begin looking at some study Bibles for women of all ages! I will list out their special features (as much as possible but if there is more info than I can list there is a link you can follow to read more) and you can choose the best one for you!

Some of these are journaling Bibles as I feel that journaling and meditating on scripture can be a form of study for many of us.

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Finding the Best Study Bible for Women

For More Bible Recommendations

If you would like to look at more recommendations, I have several posts on specific reviews I have done, as well as posts on specific Bible suggestions. I will link those here for you.

I hope that you find the perfect Bible that will provide you with many years of blessing and truth.

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