1. Hi and thank you for this post I found it reassuring knowing I’m not alone. Anxiety and depression have completely destroyed my life and taken me to suicidal thoughts and actions on many occasions. In fact I found Christ because I had no where left to turn, I had exhausted all avenues and had no one left. I am grateful for the lord’s love and armour against the spirit of heaviness that seems to haunt my life. Without Christ our saviour I wouldn’t be here. I’m 50 years old too and perimenopause seems to have opened a door to the worst anxiety symptoms Ive ever experienced.

    1. Yes perimenopause definitely increases anxiety in many people!! Please see your doctor because they can help with that…it made a big difference for me!!
      I actually just did an interview on this private Facebook page that might help you some! I discuss my anxiety and PTSD and what has helped. You can join her group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/StrongHeartsStrongWomen/?ref=share and the video was posted today.
      But definitely see someone for the menopause symptoms because it does truly help!!
      Praying for you!!

  2. This was like reading exactly what happened with me 10 years ago. I have had generalized anxiety since childhood, from a fear driven family situation. With all the calm and peace with my marriage after the birth of my son…I felt the fear start again and it turned to panic attacks. I have prayed and the panic attacks have left but I now still live with off and on high levels of anxiety. It has kept me from praying and reading the word. Faith is difficult and reading this renews my hope. Every word you’ve written speaks to me. Like as if God himself is speaking to me. Thank you

    1. I am so sorry you’re experiencing this and I will be praying for you! I am glad though that you found the article helpful in some way! God bless you!

  3. My sister, you have taken the word from my heart. I am only 37 and highly unlikely that I have heart problems but none the less the thoughts are there. Your words speak to my soul. I Am thankIng god for you And your testimony !! It’s funny how a realization in such pain can help so many and always right when it’s needed (thank you God) May God bless you and your family and continue to empower you through Christ

    1. Thank you so much! Fear and panic can cause such real, frightening symptoms. I am so happy and blessed that you found encouragement in it!! Bless you!!

  4. OMG!!!! WOG! This feels like I’m reading my life right now! Thank you for this! It has brought so much clarity!

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