Best Bibles for Boys in 2022: Bibles for Teens

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As a mom of teenagers, it is a tough world right now for our kids, especially with them feeling isolated. How do we offer the best encouragement for the teenage boys in our life? Well, the most obvious (and accurate) answer is the Bible! I believe giving the best Bibles for boys out there helps these teens walk the difficult roads of life, help them grow and develop into strong men of God, to offer encouragement, hope, joy and to know the love and blessings of God in their lives.

So let’s dive in and have a look at the best Bibles for boys!

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Best Bibles for Boys to Encourage Them

If you have teenage boys in your life, you know how difficult growing up can be. They are becoming men and with that comes a LOT of struggle! They deal with peer pressure, popularity, pressure from academics, sports, parents (yes even us) and lately, being isolated from friends and even family.

In addition, teens in general are not the easiest to buy for.

The most popular answer I get from my teens when I ask what they want for birthdays or holidays is “I don’t know.”

Well, I can help you identify some Bibles that will not only make a great gift but will help to speak to your son, brother, nephew, etc., in ways that will help them grow and develop into those men of God that will make great husbands and fathers.

So here I share with you some of the best Bibles for boys to take the guesswork out of what gift to get young man in your life and to offer words of encouragement to help them deal with all the world tosses their way, along with some devotionals for them to help them spend more time in the Word.

There admittedly not many of them out there but I hope the ones I found for you will be just what they need!

I also want to note, I included various translations here as they were available. I do not endorse any one particular translation on the list. I just wanted a variety so people could find the one they like best.

My own favorite translations are the Tree of Life Bible and the Complete Jewish Bible, which are not in the list because they do not have a version for teens but you can access them by clicking on the links on their names.

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12 Best Teen Bibles for Boys

Best Bibles for Boys: Bibles for Teens


An image of an Ebook Cover for Praying With Confidence - The ACTS Prayer Method and text that says Get Your Praying With Confidence Acts Prayer Method Ebook

If you have a teen girl who is learning about prayer and Bible study, this short E-Book on the ACTS Prayer Method might be just what she needs to pray with confidence and learn to talk with the Lord!

Devotionals for Teen Boys

A great companion to Bibles for boys are devotionals for them as well.

These devotionals help them to learn to not only read the Word but how to apply it in meaningful ways in their lives.

Again, I included various options and do not endorse any one particular devotional. I just wanted to be able to provide you with options that would work with what your family chooses.

Devotionals and Bible Studies for Boys

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