Best Men’s Bibles – For the Awesome Men in Your Life

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Good men’s Bibles aren’t always the easiest to find! Do you find it difficult to find a Bible the men in your life really connect with in a meaningful way? Maybe they would like one with devotionals or guided reading or maybe nothing additional at all!

Join me as I share some of the best men’s Bibles for the men in your life (or the boy in your life if you have sons), whether that be your spouse, your dad or any man you think wants to learn more from the Word.

So let’s get started!

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Best Men’s Bibles to Encourage the Men in Your Life

I am the wife of a wonderful man who is devoted to God and learning all He can about His Word. But oh boy is he one busy man!

Men have some unique struggles as they try to be everything to everyone (women do too but let’s focus on the guys in this one)!

They have careers, wives, homes, families, they are taking care of things around the house when they break (I know mine does at least) and face it…their lives can not only get stressful but they may run short on time to study the Word.

If your husband is like mine, you know how difficult gift-giving can be. My husband will just go out and get what he needs when he needs it and so it leaves me short on ideas.

Like my kids, either he really doesn’t know or just doesn’t want to commit to something.

But then the list of tools comes out and those things are great! I just got my husband a fabulous drill for the holidays and he LOVES it. But I feel like those gifts are somewhat impersonal and, while he does love them it feels (to me) like if I were to get an iron for my birthday!

I guess men are just different that way and getting tools would be like me getting a makeup shopping spree as a gift (I’ll be sure to drop that hint to hubby too now that I am thinking of it)!

I also know that my husband is fairly new in his faith (several years) and He doesn’t always have time to learn about different translations that men’s Bibles come in or which will give Him the strong basis He needs.

With me being in Seminary, we have so many translations in our house but none that are specifically men’s Bibles and can tie scripture in to the unique issues he faces.

So I am going to share with you some of the best men’s Bibles I have found to help the man in your life grow deeper in the Lord and also have guidance and a place to go to when He needs to be filled. Most of these Bibles are specific to men but some are general Bibles that I know are great for men (and women) to dig in deeper and learn from.

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8 of the Best Men’s Bibles


Best Men's Bibles

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