1. I wish I had know Christ in my youth. I struggled so much with my identity and tried so hard to fit in to what other people thought I should be. Now that I am saved, I feel so sad for my younger self and all that she missed out on.

  2. Our identity is such a fragile thing as a child, and I think the one most surprising thing to me is how much a broken identity wreaks havoc in our adult life in so many ways and for so many others. It has been my constant endeavor also, to really find, cherish and stand in my identity in Christ. Your story is one worth sharing and one filled with hope, Diane!

  3. Growing up in Alabama, it’s so interesting to read of your feelings towards moving as a child. In my mind back then, all of New York was only NYC. 🙂 But obviously not. ha. Thanks for encouraging us to root our identity in Christ, not in where we’re from or who we’re friends with, etc.

  4. Diane, wow a whirlwind you’ve been on — yet, thanks to God you’re faithful. It’s amazing what we can learn when we look back and connect the dots. I’m grateful that God cares about our hurts and has a way of weaving them together for our good.
    Blessings to you!
    Marva | SunSparkleShine

    1. Thank you Marva! You’re so right! It’s an amazing thing to look back and see how God used those things!!

      1. It is only because my identity is rooted in Christ and what he says about me that I am able to move past the dysfunction of my life in my family of origin to create new memories in my new life. Knowing whose we are is a total game changer.

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