1. I love the audio message about the jewish wedding roots and us being the bride of Christ, very insightful! I would definitely be interested in listening to a longer audio podcast about this! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you!! I am so glad you shared that with me! I am working on some more teachings on the Jewish roots and Messianic Judaism in general so they will be coming soon!

  2. Thanks for this, im currently researching the Jewish wedding to compare it to all Jesus spoke, especially when looking at 1 thessalonians 4, where He will come take His bride (the Rapture). Which sadly many followers do not believe in…. But the Jewish wedding tradition definitely confirms this to be so. Why would the Bridegroom want his bride to go through the Great Tribulation… Makes no sense. Bless you

  3. I would like to know everything there is to know about the bride of CHRIST. Its been so strongly on my heart.

    1. It is a fascinating topic of study! I hope you will continue to research it and its significance!

  4. I would LOVE to hear more in-depth about this topic! GREAT teaching, and thank you so very much for sharing this!

  5. What a beautiful picture of Jesus our Bridegroom and the Church, His Bride. Your explanation is easy to understand and leaves me desiring a deeper study. I look forward to learning more!

  6. Hello…I am thrilled to find your site. I absolutely know it was the Holy Spirit who led me here. I am doing a personal study and research on The Rapture, and your blog post is the perfect picture for filling in what Jesus meant, as He was the first one to introduce the
    teaching of the rapture when He said that He was preparing a place for us ( the Church …His
    Bride) in John 14:3.
    I would love to hear more and in depth on anything relating to a pre-triblation rapture if this is possible. Thank you!

  7. I am not a new believer, and I am not new to leading Bible studies. Yet, this message blew me away! It explains soooo much of the language and events (and parables) in the Bible, not only in the New Testament but also in the Old. It beautifies story of a King conquering His enemy to resume His rightful place over His creation and kingdom, with an overlay of unwavering, committed love and a happily-ever-after for the citizens of His Kingdom. The significance of why the Bible is written this way overwhelms me. The implications are stunning! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be sharing these parallels with every Christian who will listen!

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