1. Diane, we are more alike than I first thought. Hehe. On a serious note, I hate pests, too. But the house fire fear is no doubt listed on my description in Wikipedia. I keep tabs on all smoke detectors being in working order. My touch of OCD kicks in every night before I head upstairs to bed. I go to the kitchen and make sure all stove top and oven knobs say “off.” Overall, I’m Mrs. Safety to my family. While that’s a good thing in some ways, not when it comes to the prison of fear. The enemy makes us fearful in the “what-ifs.” But in Jesus we are fearless!

    Loved the pictures on FB of your new home. And thanks for this powerful post reminding us of fear and its trap.

    1. Oh my we are alike! Lol I do that exact same thing with the stove! And I agree it is a good thing because honestly if I didn’t check these things no one would. But yes when our safety routine turns into dread that is a sign the enemy has twisted it against us!
      And thank you…I’m glad you like the house!!! And as always thank you so much for visiting my blog and for always showing your support.

  2. “kept me from emotionally moving in!” – great line and ain’t it the truth. God gives me something and I immediately think of all the things that could go wrong! Great post and reminder- Happy easter with your chickies!

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